Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent) - 2000 - Galileo
Snooze - 2004 - Magic Rope
Innergy - 2009 – ProgRock
When Worlds Collide – 2015 - Premiere

Forgotten Suns image
S= Linx>>Project Creation – NIO NUNES
B= Johnny – Timeless, Secret Lie>>NUNO CORREIA>>Secret Lie
D= Nuno Senica - Ava Inferi, Ignite The Black Sun>>J.C. SAMORA>>Ava Inferi, Ignite The Black Sun
K= Miguel Valadares – Flesh Hold>>ERNESTO RODRIGUES

Based out Of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal Forgotten Suns burst upon the scene in 1991 and issued its full-length debut in 2000. Linx was the vocalist back then. The group’s early albums lacked a good sound and the band underwent a hiatus between 2004 and 2009. Snooze was originally billed as being out through the band’s own Mantis Records. An EP, called Revelations, was issued in 2010 by Pathfinder and contained songs from the band’s early years as well as the Innergy sessions. Ernesto Rodrigues joined in 2012. The band became in active following When Worlds Collide.


Forgotten Suns is a new band to me, although according to the site the band has been around releasing music for a decade now. The EP begins with an electronic interlude, which is there to serve notice of the group’s keyboard-oriented synthesized music. The biography terms this “prog-rock” and sure, whatever, but the name that keeps haunting me upon listening to the Portuguese band is Evergrey. The mix of heavy and soft is almost 50-50 and the keyboards and guitars take one to Sweden. The disc has five tracks with the last one being a re-make of an older song called Betrayed, which was on the group’s debut Fiction Edge. The new version now contains a second part and is now twice as long. There is quite a few Dream Theater references sprinkled within these songs and even singer Nio’s patterns have a certain DT attitude to them. The Hill begins with the strums of Metallica’s One leaving it to Betrayed to be the biggest Dream Theater clone of the bunch. Watch for a cameo appearnce by Gollum, as well as the disc’s best guitar work. The band names in this paragraph give a good description of Forgotten Suns. - Anna Tergel


Forgotten Suns