Stranger Than Fiction - 1992 - Massacre
Division - 1994 - Massacre
Destructive - 1997 - Massacre
Rise Above - 1999 - Massacre
Unholy War - 2012 - Tribunal

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Oliver Magnum>>James Randel - Legioned Marcher>>Bill Dollins>>Symon Sez - David Thompson - DAVID THOMPSON


Legioned Marcher, Gammacide>>Rev. Ghames Jones>>Black Symphony, Michael Schenker Group, Kottak, China Blue, Blasted To Static- Richard Sharpe - Legioned Marcher, Gammacide, Black Symphony, Michael Schenker Group, Kottak, China Blue>>REV. GHAMES JONES>>Blasted To Static

Gestalt, Subsanity>>GREG SCOTT>>Gestalt, Subsanity

History & Biography
Forte was a progressive thrash outfit whose sound was its own. The band was formed in 1990 by the Scott brothers and released an EP called Dementia By Design. The band opened for Testament and Suicidal Tendencies and played the 1999 Powermad festival.

Oklahoma’s Forte reunited for a string of shows featuring bassist Rev Jones, former Oliver Magnum vocalist James Randel and the Scott brothers in late 2006. The band also planned a new recording. Earlier several former members had surfaced in The Kill.

Vae Solis was a 2010 demo. The original line-up of Forté reunited for a July 3rd, 2011 concert at Big Papa's in Oklahoma City as the support band for Lizzy Borden. Forté, James Randel (ex-Oliver Magnum) and Rev Jones (MSG and Steelheart) alongside brothers Jeff and Greg Scott, would perform its 1992 debut Stranger Than Fiction in its entirety. The band was forced to cancel its appearance at 2012’s Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air on June 30th. Guitarist Jeff Scott had injured his knee at work. The Vae Solis tracks made an appearance on Unholy War. Greg Scott died in 2019.