Völuspa Part I: Thor’s Anger – No Colours
Völuspa Part II: The Arrival Of Fenris – 2007 – No Colours
Völuspa Part III: Fall Of The Ages – 2010 – Schwarzdorn
Pagan Prophecies – 2012 - Schwarzdorn
9 – 2015 - Schwarzdorn
World Serpent – 2020 - Prophecy

Fortid image
S= Thule, Potentiam, Curse, Der Saakaldte, Katla>>EINAR “ ELDUR” THORBERG>>Potentiam, Curse, Der Saakaldte, Katla
G= Departure Plan>>Øystein Hansen – Thule, Potentiam, Curse, Katla>>EINAR “ ELDUR” THORBERG>>Potentiam, Curse, Katla
B= Forcedfed Horsehead>>Rikard Jonsson>>Forcefed Horsehead – Thule, Potentiam, Curse, Katla>>Einar “ Eldur” Thorberg>>Potentiam, Curse, Katla
D= Heathen Deity, Pantheon I, Ethereal Forest, The 3rd Attempt, Den Saakaldte>>Daniel Theobald>>Der Saakaldte, – Mictian, Potantiam, Myrk, Vrolok, Momentum, Kontinuum>>KRISTJAN GUDMUNDSSON>>Potentiam, Kontinuum
K= Potentiam, Curse, Katla>>EINAR “ ELDUR” THORBERG>>Potentiam, Curse, Katla

The act came into being as the solo project of Einar “Eldur” in 2002. There was a detour to Norway in 2008 to Norway, but the man returned home in 2017. No Colours Records issued two-thirds of the Völuspa trilogy between 2003 and 2007. The band’s The Demo Sessions was issued by Symbol Of Domination in 2016. Iceland-based Fortíð signed a multi-album deal with Prophecy Productions. The band’s supporting cat changed in this year. The first release would be the Icelanders' sixth full-length later in 2020.

Fortid is Icelandic for ‘The Past.’