Skywards - A Sylphe's Ascension - 2004 - Metal Blade
Sterling Black Icon - 2006 - Metal Blade
The Everhaunting Past/Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection - 2009 - Cyclone Empire
The Art Of Coming Apart - 2012 - Cyclone Empire
Perdition Portal – 2018 - Apostasy

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Venereal Disease>>Stefan Weimar>>Venereal Disease - Legacy, Dead Eyed Sleeper>>SAM ANETZBERGER>>Legacy, Dead Eyed Sleeper

Venereal Disease>>STEFAN WEIMAR>>Venereal Disease - Mortified, October Etheral>>SASCHA EHRICH>>Mortified, October Etheral

Tombthroat, Disembowled>>Wolle Schellenberg – Smilodon>>CHRISTOPHER KÖRTGEN>>Smilodon

Venereal Disease>>INGO MAIER>>Venereal Disease

History & Biography
Fragments Of Unbecoming was formed in the spring of 2000 as a side-project by Mortified guitarist Sascha Ehrich and Venereal Disease guitarist Stefan Weimar. The latter also assumed the role of the vocalist. Venereal Disease's Ingo Maier soon joined on drums and was followed by Wolle Schellenberg on bass. The band was inspired by Swedish death metal from the beginning.

As Ehrich quit Mortified, FOB evolved into a full-time band. The band entered the studio to record a MCD. Bloodred Tales/Chapter I - The Crimson Season was recorded at Stellwork Studio in the spring of 2002. The MCD propelled the band to appear on compilations by German hard rock magazines Rock Hard and Heavy Oder Was?! Metal Blade got wind of the band and signed the act on for five albums in May of 2003.

The band's debut full-length was recorded in late 2003 at Stellwork Studio and released at the dawn of 2004. The band completed work on its second album, Sterling Black Icon, for a March 24th, 2006 release. This album featured new singer Sam Anetzberger. The new singer had initially joined the band in 2005 and soon left in order to focus on his main band, Legacy. With an American singer not working out, Anetzberger was persuaded to return.

German death metal band Fragments Of Unbecoming would release its next album, The Everhaunting Past/Chapter IV - A Splendid Retrospection, on October 16th of 2009 through Cyclone Empire Records. Christopher Körtgen was on bass. Fragments Of Unbecoming completed work on a new album, The Art Of Coming Apart, due in December, 2012 through Cyclone Empire. 2017 brought a demo called Dismal.


Germany's Fragments Of Unbecoming is the type of band that can leave one feeling rather indifferent. The band is fast, furious and influenced by Swedish death metal bands like At The Gates and Amon Amarth. Having said that, this sound and approach is hardly new nowadays and has been done to death - pun intended. The quartet shifts gear from the mid to fast-paced and back often, but the main guitar tone hardly varies. Contrary to the album's title there is nothing feminine or tender about the vocalist who growls and screams his way admirably throughout the album. The songs, however, feature an above-average number of instrumental segments. Stefan Weimar is both a guitarist and vocalist for the band and often chooses to let go of the microphone for extended periods.
There is little that is fundamentally wrong with Fragments Of Unbecoming other than the indisputable fact that the band's sound is hardly new or distinct. - Ali "The Metallian"

Sub-titled Chapter III Black But Shining, Sterling Black Icon is most likely a thematic continuation of these Germans’ previous work, but could also be viewed as such musically. The band has a mid-paced and thick death metal (past the doomy intro) sound that never exactly copies any one band, although traces of Bolt Thrower and earlier Amon Amarth are always lurking in the corner. At 50 minutes, the album is long and full of value and fans of deep and earnest growls will surely love this. Fragments Of Unbecoming can kick into high gear occasionally and satiate our need for blasts, although it is back to normal soon enough. The band should work on a better cover artwork and including lyrics next time, but there is enough fine material here to warrant a recommendation. Anna’s special nod goes to vocalist Sam Aretzberger who is both adaptable and brutal in his delivery. - Anna Tergel


Fragments Of Unbecoming