Warchants & Fairytales - 2000 - Loud N' Proud
A NIghtmare Story - 2002 - Arise
The Gathering - 2019 - Rock Of Angels
The Final Stand - 2022 - Rock Of Angels

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Ablaze, Cromonic, IronWare>>PASI HUMPPI>>Ablaze, Cromonic, IronWare

Patrik Lund [Lars Patrik Von Porat]>>Cromonic, Hordes In Exile - Cromonic>>TOMAS WAPPLING>>Cromonic - Cromonic, Hordes In Exile>>PATRIK LUND [LARS PATRIK VON PORAT]>>Hordes In Exile

Tomas Wappling - Unholy Wizard, Ironware, Zager>>Peter Wiberg - Cromonic>>Nicklas Von Porat>>Cromonic

Crystal Eyes>>Stefan Svantesson - Ablaze>>OSKAR LUMBOJEV

History & Biography
The band was formed by Tomas Wäppling (vocals), Patrik Lund (guitars), Bo Pettersson (guitars), Peter Wiberg (bass) and Stefan Svantesson on drums one early day of 1998. A demo called The Blood Of Mortals was recorded at Studio Mega and released and mailed to labels in October. To obtain success the band hired a keyboardist. The next demo was called Somewhere In Nowhere and after receiving a positive reply from the now-bankrupt Loud N' Proud label the band (with a new singer in tow) recorded its debut. Right after the recording Lund left the fold. The band played several shows and split up in 2001 when keyboardist Johansson and bassist Wappling left.

Not too long thereafter though, the remaining members regrouped and reformed the band. With a promo CD out, Arise Records of Spain showed interest and the band signed with the company, which announced a second album for October of 2002. In April 2002 the band went into Studio Underground and recorded its second album. After the recording Stefan Svantesson left and was replaced by another Crystal Eyes member in the form of Martin Tilander. Age Of War was a 2009 EP.

In tandem with Lund's return, the band began recording again in 2018 and an album emerged in 2019. Another album emerged in 2022. Rock Of Angels was reissuing the earlier albums in 2023. Nicklas Von Porat retired and the band became quiet.

The band’s name was a play on a guitar's fret board and an imaginary and fantasy land.