Ascent From Hell - 2014 - Scourge
Rats & Ravens – 2020 - Scourge

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G= Vicious Rumors, Dragonlord, Forbidden, Nevermore, Testament, The Esseness Project, One Machine, Sweet Leaf>>Steve Smyth>>The Esseness Project, One Machine, Sweet Leaf – Down Factor>>GEORGE ANDERSON
B= Scarecrow, Death Angel, Potential Threat>>Damien Sisson>>Scarecrow, Death Angel, Potential Threat – Vicious Rumors, Aaron Pearson>>STEPHEN GOODWIN>>Aaron Pearson
D= Slayer, Blackgates, Hail!>>Paul Bostaph>>Slayer, Blackgates, Hail! – Blind Illusion, S.O.S.A, Yigael’s Wall>>WES ANDERSON

From Hell (actually San Francisco) was a new “horror heavy metal” band featuring George Anderson (a.k.a. Aleister Sinn) on vocals and lead guitar, Steve Smyth (Nevermore) on lead guitar, Damien Sisson (Death Angel) on bass and drummer Paul Bostaph (Slayer and Testament). The band would release its debut album, Ascent From Hell, on April 8th, 2014 through Scourge Records. The group was four years old.

Wes Anderson joined in 2015. Goodwin joined the band on European tour in 2016. He ended up returning to play on the band’s 2020 album. As such, Rats ravens featured three new members.


The band currently features scene veterans Steve Smyth, Wes Anderson and Stephen Goodwin. This second albums comes six years after the Ascent From Hell debut. Calling themselves horror metal with George Anderson the leading member. He uses the Aleister Sinn pseudonym. The quartet has conjured up a theme about a dead person returning to earth to grab his soul to take back to hell. Dark Heart kicks off the story as a brief intro and then They Come At Night starts with a Malmsteen-esque solo before diving into a thrashy sound. A strong start but the production is not the heaviest nor are the vocals the best in the mix. In Lilium Aleister's screaming vocals come off as not the most suitable for the song (and indeed the album as a whole). The Witch is a fast chaotic song to start and then slows down into a haunting version of itself. Don't Cry For Help is the South Of Heaven song of From Hell. Three And Nine is heavy, but it takes its time to get going. Forest Of The Screaming Trees is true to the horror theme. The guitar solo helps the song. Room For One is more mid-paced and once again the solos help the song. Body Rats clocks in at over eight minutes and has a faster start. It is little surprise that the pace is not sustained throughout the song. Fast and long double solos provide a Rats & Ravens highlight. Am I Dead? rounds off the tale of the dead soul with the guitars doing what they do best. – Anna Tergel


From Hell