Blood Of Christ>>FROM THE DEPTHS - USA

From The Depths - 1996 - Dismal
Elysium - 1998 - Nightfall/Terrorizer

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Mutilation, Decrepit>>ROB MOLZAN>>Decrepit, Dead Of Night, Curse Of Denial, Smoulder, Kurnugia

Diskord>>Brian Bertram>>Riphead – Alterrik, Decrepit>>MATT SORG>>Decrepit, Holy Ghost, Ringworm, Dead Of Night, Beyond Fear, Shed The Skin, Soulless, Rip Ryde

Mutilation, Embalmer, Incantation, Sacreligious Impalement, Funeral Pyre, Terror, Dead Of Night, Sanctorum, Decrepit>>DUANE MORRIS>>Embalmer, Decrepit, Nunslaughter, Shed The Skin, Kurnugia, Vadiat, Terror

Alterrik, Burial>>ROB NEWLIN

Alterrik, Burial>>Brian Boston>>Shed The Skin

History & Biography
These Ohio, USA bottom-dwellers are compared to In Flames often and were formed by Newlin and Sorg. Following the debut the band released a promo tape and the Bereavement EP in 1997. The band has opened for Dimmu Borgir and Samael and played at the 1999 Milwaukee Metal Fest. Elysium featured a violin and two cover versions. The band kept churning out those cover versions. Subsequently the group dissolved in 2000. Several members ended up in Dead Of Night.



From The Depths