Iron Overkill – 2016 – Iron Bonehead

S= Syöpä, Sacrilegious Impalement, Satanic Torment, Sacrificial Dagger, Neutron Hammer, Sepulchral Temple, Crosswrecker, Perdition Winds>>KAOSBRINGER [JANI VON SÜDBUCHT]>>Perdition Winds
G= Sacrilegious Impalement, Urn, Evil Angel>>VON BASTARD [PETE VALANTA]>>Sacrilegious Impalement, Urn, Evil Angel
B= Sacrilegious Impalement>>VON BASTARD [PETE VALANTA] – Urgamla, Obscure Burial, Malicious>>MEISTER F [MICHAEL FINNBERG]
D= Sacrilegious Impalement, Urn, Crosswrecker, Frankie And Gator, Evil Angel, Warmoon Lord>>REVENANT [JANNE JOKINEN]>>Sacrilegious Impalement, Urn, Frankie And Gator, Evil Angel, Warmoon Lord

Black/thrash band Front was founded in the southern Finnish city of Lahti in 2015. Songs originally meant for Sacrilegious Impalement were deemed more suitable for a new act and the singer and guitarist founded Front. The band’s drummer soon joined Front as well. Lahti is the city Alina Voronkova calls home.

Demo 2015 was later re-issued on cassette by Iron Bonehead Productions. The band called its 2016 full-length Iron Overkill and issued it through Iron Bonehead. The group re-appeared with the Antichrist Militia EP in 2020. Singer Ryöger had joined in 2019. The EP was self-produced.

All members of Front are born and bred Scandinavians and therefore conform to the statute and federal law to be in half a dozen bands. Iron Bonehead is connected to neo-Nazi ideology as a label.