Extreme Loneliness - Fragments - 2001 - Stygian Shadows
…From The Dark – 2014 – Black Plague
Deathtree Mystery – 2019 - Metal Ör Die
Winterblood – 2021 - Metal Ör Die

Frost image
Mors>>Istban Kalinka>>Mors, Öröm – Bornholm, Carcharoth, Latrodectus, Zivatar>>DEÁK TAMÁS>>Bornholm, Carcharoth, Latrodectus, Zivatar

Roland Hüse>>Sectioned – Bornholm, Aornos, Carcharoth, Paragon Zero>>TÁTRAI CSABA>>Aornos, Carcharoth, Paragon Zero – Svoid>>KOMLÓ GYÖRGY>>Svoid


Prophecy, Mystery>>Ferenc Mocsnik>>Mystery – Neural Booster, Wisdom Of The Stars, Nervekiller, Darktempered, The Quintessence, Aornos>>RÓBERT MESTER>>Aornos

Zoltan Toth – Otila, Carcharoth, Aornos>>LÕRINCZ DÁVID>>Aornos

History & Biography
Kazincbarcika, Hungary's Frost was formed in 1996 and was soon responsible for Inno A Satana in 1996, Storm Above The Carpathians in 1997 and the 1998 demo Under The Hungarian Blackmoon. Part of the original line-up was Ferenc Mocsnik and guitarist Gabor Dévényi. Frost also found time to record a split-release with Ahriman as a tribute to another Hungarian band, Tormentor. The band soon signed with Stygian Shadows where it released two albums. The first was an EP called Songs Of The Ancient Gods from 1999. Ferenc Mocsnik moved exclusively to bass. The label soon being defunct, the act issued the 2004 disc Voices From Beyond The Gates. Zoltan would decamp in 2004 to England in order to form a new band.

Extreme Loneliness - Fragments was reissued in 2005 by America's Paragon Records complete with bonus songs. Black Shining was the 2007 demo, but the band went on hiatus until a release appeared in 2014. It was appropriately called …From The Dark. This was essentially a new band.


Extreme Loneliness Fragments is the second official release of Hungarian atmospheric band Frost and was originally issued by Stygian Shadows Productions in 2001. Being a fan of the band, America's Paragon Records has picked up the release for wider release which brings us to the present date.
The album is quite simple in construct and mixes black metal with keyboards. The sound is harsh, but the synthesizer obviously taints the proceedings light. It is like a mixture of early Dimmu Borgir with Horde. The music is grim mainly and the vocals harsh. It is simple, fast and even incorporates variety in speeds and moods. Witness the whispered vocals, the interesting picking on the song My Black Metal or the acoustic instrumental The Flying Back....The sound is not top-notch, but is acceptable and decent. This version incorporates songs from the band's debut EP and the 2004 demo Voices From Beyond The Gates. - Ali "The Metallian"