Frosthardr – 2018 – Nordic Mission

Frosthardr image
S= Antestor, Dödsmarsch, Koronatizor>>JOKULL [RAVN FURFJOD]>>Dödsmarsch, Koronatizor
G= DR. E. – Antestor, Dödsmarsch, A Hill To Die Upon, InnerSiege, Koronatizor, WarHorse>>JOKULL [RAVN FURFJOD]>>Antestor, Dödsmarsch, A Hill To Die Upon, InnerSiege, Koronatizor, WarHorse
D= Vaakevandring, Antestor>>SAVN [PÅL DÆHLEN]>>Vaakevandring

The band’s inception goes to 1997 and Jokull who claims he had the idea for the band as he waded a blizzard. Dr. E. joined next and sang at first. Many members came and went until 2002’s Necrodisaster demo was issued. Endtime Productions issued an EP called Maktesløs for the white metallers in 2004. The band had played Nordicfest in Norway in 2003, as organized by Savn. More European shows followed in 2004. The Varg EP was issued in the summer of 2007 by Momentum Scandinavia.

It was all quiet until a self-titled album emerged in 2018. It was issued by Savn through his own Nordic Mission label. The band went into remission again. Jokull spent time with his WarHorse side-project.


Here is another white metal band praising Jesus Christ who sounds more akin to Darkthrone than anything else. The Norwegian Christ lovers have a professional and cold-looking mini-CD here and clearly spent some time preparing it, but the group will be a hard sell despite the interesting music. Here is why: fans of brutal, fast and shrieky white metal are at a premium. The self-evident piece of information aside this EP actually has three (admittedly very long) songs on it thus lessening the value attached to it.
Musically, the band impresses a lot of the time. Having said that, the beginning of the title track with its intermittent acoustic/blasting arrangement is quite indicative of what will follow. Varg is sometimes fast, occasionally slow, uses both heavy riffing and fast riffing styles, has a commercial keyboard-laden piece (deducted ten points) and with the last song, which is also a cover version, delves into some crossover too. What else will these guys think of mixing up? Extreme metal in an album called Varg with praise for God? - Ali “The Metallian”