The Fallen King – 2018 – Avalon
Crowned In Frost – 2019 – Avalon
Winterbane – 2021 - Avalon

Frozen Crown image
S= Dirty Rain, Be The Wolf>>FEDERICO MONDELLI>>Be The Wolf – Ashes You Leave, Tystnaden>>GIADA "JADE" ETRO>>Ashes You Leave, Tystnaden
G= Dirty Rain, Be The Wolf, Volturian>>FEDERICO MONDELLI>>Be The Wolf, Volturian
B= Be The Wolf>>Filippo Zavattari>>Be The Wolf, Project Kasha
D= Volturian, Be The Wolf>>Alberto Mezzanotte>>Volturian, Be The Wolf
K= Volturian>>FEDERICO MONDELLI>>Volturian

The band was founded by singer and instrumentalist Federico Mondelli in the land of fascists and racists in Milan in 2017. The intention at the beginning was to run a solo act. Avalon in Japan and Scarlet in Italy signed the band. Filippo Zavattari and Alberto Mezzanotte left in 2020. Guitarist Fabiola Bellomo, bassist Francesco Zof and drummer Niso Tomasini joined in 2021.

The two singers married after meeting online. Filippo and Alberto are cousins.



Frozen Crown