Bonsai - 1994 - Warhead

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Aggressa>>ADAM MARSH

Sand Viper>>REDDO [PETER FORTUNE]>>Sand Viper

Sand Viper>>TIM WEST>>Sand Viper

Shaun Barry - Jason Garito

History & Biography
Formed as early as 1987, these thrashers released the Beer-can demo in 1989 and a demo called Dying Phase independently in 1991 before their debut appeared three years later. The band played several parties and the Lisarow High School year's end party, but its first official gig was at Newcastle supporting Cash From Chaos in April 1989. .The What Do You Expect For $200 Demo of 1993 was never released. The group managed to grab a support slot for Motörhead in 1991. The group opened for Sepultura in 1992. The band later on ended up playing the foyer of a concert hall at a Metallica show! Jason joined on drums in 1995. An EP called Beautiful Day also appeared in 1995 on Oracle Records. The band could also be heard on Warhead Volume 1 compilation album. The act was prolific with its concerts.

In 2010 Frozen Doberman announced it would play its first show with the original line-up after fifteen years of inactivity at the Monster Session 2 benefit show for the MS foundation at Manning Bar Sydney University, Australia on March 13, 2010. The original Frozen Doberman line-up of Adam Marsh, Peter 'Red' Fortune, Tim West and Shaun Barry was to hit the stage for the benefit alongside some of Sydney’s '90’s’ bands including Hellmenn, Nunbait, The Hard-Ons, Daredevil, Tweezer and The Celibate Rifles.

The band issued a 17-track compilation in 2009 that included tracks from early demos and EPs. It could be purchased by contacting the band through Australia’s Frozen Doberman returned for one more show in Sydney at The Annandale Hotel on Saturday June 5th of 2010.

The band had a sound similar to late '80s Metallica. Tim West ended up managing Sleep Parade. members from Nitocris, Frozen Doberman and Mind Control Assasins announced a project called Sand Viper in 2019.



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