Tristesse - 1994 - Wild Rags
Tragedies - 1995 - Arctic Serenades
In Fields Of Pestilent Grief - 2002 - Nocturnal
From These Wounds - 2006 - Tabu
As The Light Does The Shadow - 2008 - Indie
Oratorium – 2012 – Grau
Praesentialis In Aeternum – 2021 - Season Of Mist

Funeral image
Toril Snyen - Minas Tirith>>Frode Forsmo>>Minas Tirith – In Vain, Solefald>>SINDRE NEDLAND>>In Vain, Solefald

Thomas Angell – Fallen>>Christian Loos - Kjetil Ottersen>>Kjetil Ottersen – Fallen>>Mats Lerberg – Fallen, Cor Scorpii>>ERLEND E.NYBØ>>Cor Scorpii – In Vain>>MAGNUS OLAV TVEITEN

The Flesh>>Einar Fredriksen>>The Flesh - Minas Tirith>>Frode Forsmo>>Minas Tirith – Mistur, Mourning Sun>>RUNE GANDRUD>>Mourning Sun

Fallen, Odium, Myrkskog, The Flesh>>ANDRES EEK>>The Flesh, Fallen

Desiderium, Fallen, Odium, Desolation Squad, In-Zekt>>Kjetil Ottersen>>In-Zekt, Desolation Squad, Caoimhín - Jon Borgerud – Abyssic, Gromth, Images At Twilight, Profane Burial>>ANDRÉ AASLIE>>Abyssic, Gromth, Images At Twilight, Profane Burial

Ásmegin, In Lingua Mortua, Ram-Zet>>SAREETA [INGVILD ANETTE STRØNEN KAARE]>>Ram-Zet

History & Biography
Funeral celebrated the death of Swedish 'atmospheric' doom. It was formed in 1993 and issued demos in 1993 and 1994. It issued two minor albums before going back to demo status for the latter half of the '90s. Kjetil Ottersen initially joined the band as a keyboardist, but moved to guitar when Jon Borgerud joined the band. Einar Andre Fredriksen passed away due to committing suicide in 2003. The band lost one of its founders in 2006. Guitarist Christian Loos was found dead at his apartment on Saturday, October 28th. He was 31 years old and had also killed himself. The band released a new album, called As The Light Does The Shadow, on September 22nd through Indie Recordings. It featured a guest appearance by Robert Lowe (of Candlemass and Solitude Aeturnus) on vocals. Sindre Nedland became the singer in 2010.

Norway-based doom metal group Funeral was releasing the Praesentialis In Aeternum album through Season Of Mist on December 10th 2021. The song Ånd featured guest vocals from Lars Are Nedland (Solefald/Borknagar). The band had added a violinist!


It has been several years since the world heard from the Norwegian procession called Funeral. It would not be unjustified to say that many rightfully thought that the band was dead and buried. The group has undergone a major line-up overhaul, but is back nonetheless with an album that could be described as gothic doom. The band’s experience and maturity is apparent, although fans have to note the absence of the term 'metal' when describing the group. In fact, most of the material comes across like a mixture of goth and Gregorian chanting. At any rate the band’s new line-up and the introduction of a new singer, namely Frode Forsmo of Minas Tirith (the band not the place), has meant an improvement in that department and the banishment of growls and female vocals.
Strangely enough, the album begins with a song called This Barren Skin, which has a distinct melody reminiscent of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. The pattern is repeated in the song The Architecture Of Loss. The songs are long and last up to nine minutes each. Each track is a saga and a story unto itself. Pendulum is slightly heavier and has harsher vocals. The aforementioned The Architecture Of Loss is also heavier than average and probably the album’s best song. Vagrant God is a relatively upbeat song, which in Funeral’s case means it is merely depressing. Finally, the Candlelight Records’ American edition features a bonus song called Breathing Through You extending the album past the one-hour mark.
There is a little metal, a lot of atmosphere and much agonizing amidst the doom and gloom here. From These Wounds though is an acquired (bitter) taste which heavy metal fans should approach selectively. - Ali “The Metallian”