Reign Of Death - 1990 - Turbo


S= Abomination>>MIKE PAHL
G= Funeral Bitch, Abomination>>CHAZ BAKER>>Cold Bearded Killers
B= Abomination>>MIKE PAHL
D= Dave Chiarella>>Disinter, Usurper - DEAN OLSON


Funeral Nation was formed by Baker and Pahl, both of whom were the original members of Abomination alongside drummer Aaron Nickeas. Upon leaving Abomination the duo established Funeral Nation and having recruited drummer Chiarella recorded a demo entitled State Of Insanity and one album for Germany's Turbo Records. Reign Of Death EP of 1991 was the State Of Insanity demo on vinyl.

The band had other releases, but due to a lack of label support these managed little headway. Other Funeral Nation releases were: The Benediction from 1992, All Hallows Evil - Live 7" from 1994, the independently-produced compilation Come Kingdom Thy from 1995 and Deceiver from 1997. These were all released by the band's own R.K. Productions.

Olson had replaced Chiarella in 1992. Later in the decade and in 1998 a second album is recorded which for various reasons never sees the light of day. Funeral Nation called it a day in early 1999. The band, however, was still hoping to release the recorded material posthumously. A compilation of demo material in 2017 was called Molded from Sin.



Funeral Nation