Unsettling Whispers – 2018 – Transcending Obscurity
Limbo – 2020 – Season Of Mist
Mirage – 2022 – Season Of Mist

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October Horse, Claim Your Throne>>Ruben Freitas>>October Horse, Claim Your Throne - GUILHERME HENRIQUES


Claim Your Throne>>Jose Ribeiro>>Claim Your Throne – Ghastly Town>>LUCAS FERRAND>>Ghastly Town

Survive The Wasteland, Oak>>Pedro Soares>>Oak - Moonshade, Downfall Of Mankind, Ghastly Town>>DIOGO MOTA>>Moonshade, Downfall Of Mankind, Ghastly Town

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2016 and quickly had a self-titled EP through Everlasting Spew in 2016. Unsettling Whispers was a 2018 full-length. Season Of Mist was “pleased to announce the signing of” black metal band Gaerea in late 2019. The band was to release a new album in 2020. The band was touring Europe in late 2019. The band had a new album, called Limbo, which was released on through Season Of Mist. It was due to open for Harakiri For The Sky. Gaerea had a live performance video for the tracks Null and Glare, which were taken from the band’s recently released album, Limbo. Season Of Mist was the label.

According to the trends of the day the members’ identity was hidden, but the group had a Facebook page. Gaerea played at Wacken and embarked on a Latin America tour in 2022. The tour would kick off in Brazil on November 15th. Gaerea issued its Mirage album through Season Of Mist on September 23rd. Guilherme Henriques had taken over the vocals from Freitas. Rotting Christ, Carach Angren, Uada, and Gaerea toured North America in 2023. The band was touring Europe in support of its Mirage album that June. A concert at Romania's Rockstadt Extreme was cancelled as the band reported being delayed on its flight due to police investigating a drum pedal. The band played in Turkey next. Another North American tour, this time supporting Wolves In The Throne Room, was called Crypt Of Ancestral Knowledge North American Tour 2023 and slated for early autumn. The act had video for the 'secret track' off Mirage in September 2023. Behemoth’s O Father, O Satan, O Svmmer 2024 European tour of July and August was to feature openers Testament, Gaerea or Pestilence depending on the dates and included stops at Dong Open Air, Rockstadt Extreme Fest and Wacken.