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Satrap - 2003 - Sound Riot
Symphony Of Glory - 2005 - Sound Riot

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G= THOMAS C. HANSEN – Theater Of Pain, Execution, Eternal Flame>>Joakim Kjelstad

B= TNT>>Morty Black>>TNT - Yngve Hanssen

D= Alessandro G. Elide

K= Eirik Myhr

History & Biography
Epic and melodic band Gaia Epicus was signed in 2002 to Sound Riot Records where it released its debut in December of that same year. The artwork was done by J.P. Fournier (Avantasia, Edguy, Freedom Call, Immortal) and the production was completed at Waterfall Studios in Norway.

The debut featured a guest appearance by Morty Black of TNT.

Yngve Hanssen, the bassist for the Norwegian power metallers died in a car crash on the 2nd of March, 2005. The new album was due out on the 23rd of March. In the meanwhile, the band asked Sound Riot Records to stop the release of Symphony Of Glory and to recall all CDs, which have been sent out. The reason was that Sound Riot had supposedly changed the song order on the album without asking permission from the band. Furthermore, the song Time And Space mistakenly had the intro for the album in the same track. These should have been two separate tracks. The band forbid Sound Riot to sell or release any music of the band and asked to be allowed to leave the label. Differences resolved, the band recruited bassist Hans Aage Holmen formerly of Enslavement Of Beauty. Late 2005 brought the addition of drummer Ole A. Myrholt formerly of Archon, Diabolical and Enslavement Of Beauty.

The aforementioned differences apparently had not been resolved. In early 2006 the group bravely went public on its web site regarding its separation from its former label Sound Riot. The band listed a myriad of complaints about the label by itself and other former company acts. The label responded with accusations of low sales figures against the band and copies of payment slips made to the band. The band’s Victory demo was issued in February of 2007 independently. The group was not able to procure a new recording contract following its disagreement with its former label. The group’s Thomas C. Hansen issued a solo album entitled Like A Shadow in mid-2007. A new demo CD called Damnation was issued in 2008. Only Hansen was left in the band as an original member by this point. Norway’s Gaia Epicus completed its fifth album, Dark Secrets, and expected to see it released in the spring of 2010. It was out in 2012. All the activity was on the group’s own Epicus Records. The band had been booked for the Canarias Hard & Heavy Meeting on December 3 and 4th, 2010 at El Duke's in Playa del Ingles, Spain. Alpha & Omega was out in 2018. Seventh Rising was out in 2020.


Satrap, if memory serves its master correctly, is my first encounter with Gaia Epicus. The Norwegian band is billed as 'speed power metal' by its label which after a couple of listens translates into a cross between Stratovarius, Freedom Call and Helloween. The band takes the cliched road and uses keyboards which obviously is of no appeal to a metal fan. Thomas Hansen's voice is better described as nasal rather than high-pitched which sets Gaia Epicus slightly apart from its brethren. Despite the criticism, this act does have some merit. The boys find their footing on the second half of the album with a robust guitar riff on the song Star Wars, an impressive instrumental called Innovation and more impressive guitar power on Cyber Future. Then again, the keyboards constantly crash the party for worse. The weak production and a song called Heavy Metal Heart - Accept should sue - add insult to injury. As such, Gaia Epicus can only be recommended to die-hard fans of Stratovarius and the aforementioned styles. - Ali "The Metallian"


Gaia Epicus