Another Wasted Nite - 1986 - Taang!
You Got It - 1987 - Roadrunner
Older...Budweiser - 1989 - Emergo/Roadrunner
Can't Live Without It - 1990 - Roadrunner
Another Case Of Brewtality - 1997 - Taang!

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Jerry's Kids, The Cheapskates, Klover>>CHRIS DOHERTY>>Klover

Jerry's Kids, The Cheapskates, Klover>>CHRIS DOHERTY>>Klover - Chuck Stilphen - Melliah Rage>>Tony Nichols>>Melliah Rage - Fritz Ericson - Temporary Insanity, Mangled Elf>>Michael Lucantonio>>Temporary Insanity, Mangled Elf, The Skillet Liquors, Sold Out, The Hangovers, Loose Monkey

Joe Gittleman>>Bosstones - Glen Stilphen - DRI>>Josh Pappe - KEVIN BROOKS

Jerry's Kids>>Brian Betzger - Mallethead>>Walter Gustafson>>Mallethead

History & Biography
Gang Green hailed from Boston, USA and played crossover with a penchant for fun and games. While many bands surrounding Gang Green professed to being straight edge, this group was in on narcotics and alcohol. The band was formed in 1982 with only Doherty surviving the formative years. The band was the first band with a record on the later-influential Taang! label and seemed destined for bigger things.

A parade of musicians coming and going, as well as a watered down delivery finally did them in, but not before they delivered much and spoofed more. 1989's I81b4u clearly poked fun at Van Halen and Older...Budweiser was a deliberate and calculated attempt at getting sponsorship from that American corporation.
Brooks replaced Pappe through his acquaintance Michael Lucantonio, who himself had replaced Ericson in 1989. While the band wanted to release a new album, due to the label's insistence, Gang Green instead issued a compilation called King Of Bands in 1991. This sampler featured two new songs. The new line-up also recorded a cover of Rolling Stones' song Satisfaction for a Boston compilation which was never released.

Gang Green toured with, among others, Social Distortion and Wrathchild America. Brian Betzger and Doherty had a punk band called Klover in 1995.

A reformed band released a new album, called Another Case Of Brewtality, in 1997. The act toured Europe and the USA. 2005 meant another incarnation of the reactivated band. The act toured in support of Dropkick Murphys in that year. Cherry Red Records reissued the band's Roadrunner material as a boxset called We’ll Give It To You in 2023.



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