Mortem Saluta - 1998 - Shiver
Dead Body Music - 2000 - Last Episode

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G= Cryptic Wintermoon, Black Prophecies>>Holger Fiedler - Anaconda>>ANDREAS OPEL - CHRISTIAN WACHTER - Eternal Silence>>BASTIAN ROSNER>>Eternal Silence


D= Anaconda>>Thomas Drechsel

K= Michaela Marek - MICHAEL SCHOENER

History & Biography
Gardens Of Gehenna was formed in 1995 and released at least two demos in the course of the next year. The band's moniker was inspired by the poetry of Dante.
After appearing on Shiver Records' Sometimes Death Is Better compilation, the act signs to the label and releases Mortem Saluta in early 1998. The album is produced by Das Ich man Bruno Kramm at the Danse Macabre Studio. Following the album, Gardens Of Gehenna undergoes several line-up changes and after signing to Last Episode releases Dead Body Music. The second effort is also produced by Bruno Kramm. The band operates with a drum machine since the departure of Drechsel from the fold.


Another newcomer band here; one from Germany and courtesy of the ever-fledgling Shiver Records. The music on Mortem Saluta is a dirge-like metal crush that is unceremoniously ruined by the trendy keyboards courtesy of the band's female member Michaela. The repetition is mindboggling, but 'metal' bands with keyboards are ironic and crap. They are girlfriends with nose hair. They taste like American beer and have as much class as a SUV. Understood? Kapisch? Alles klar? Or is there more explanation needed? The day jazz bands begin incorporating blast beats, blues singers growl or the Spice Girls cease displaying their ugly and oft-visited bodies and actually work in some music into their repertoire will be when metal fans should accept this drivel as metal. Prime example for this fallacy is Gardens Of Gehenna which might have turned out rather well owing to the strong vocals of Andreas Opel with his deep and clear voice. A song like Prophecy with its lack of keyboards, for example, shows how this band could have worked. Alas, Juvenile gimmicks like the inclusion of Michaela (hopefully she cooks on the road at least) or whatever her real name is and a track remixed techno-style by Das Ich relegate this to the very bottom of the heap. - Ali "The Metallian"


Gardens Of Gehenna