Battle Gargoyle, Under Gargoyle>>GARGOYLE>>Battle Gargoyle, Under Gargoyle - JAPAN

Misogi – 1989 – Paranoiz/Nippon Columbia
Furebumi – 1990 – After Zero/Nippon Columbia
Aratama – 1992 – After Zero/Nippon Columbia
天論 – 1993 - Triad
月の棘 – 1994 – Triad
Natural – 1995 – Triad
Gaia – 1998 – Fandango
封印 Who In? – 2000 – Chicken George
倭 – 2002 – First Cell
獣道 – 2003 – First Cell
龍風 – 2005 – First Cell
Yaiba – 2007 – First Cell
黒密典 – 2009 – First Cell
鬼書 – 2011 – First Cell
虹融合 – 2012 – First Cell
奇獣 – 2013 – First Cell
Geshiki – 2014 – First Cell
Taburakashi – 2016 – First Cell

Gargoyle image
Shinachiku, Plankton, Iteki>>KAZUHISA "KIBA" TOCHIHARA>>Shinachiku, Plankton, Iteki

Vathokija, Volcano>>She-ja [Yasushi Kuroiwa]>>Volcano, Animetal, Japametal, Death Devil, 哀旋士 – Side Gold, Maziora, Daida Laida, Madoka, The Man>>Kentaro Yokota>>Side Gold, Maziora, Laida, Madoka, The Man – Shinachiku, Metalfolk>>Kazuhiko "Yotaro" Yoshida>>Shinachiku, Metalfolk

Shinachiku, Eraserhead, Takeban, Metalfolk>>Toshiyuki "Toshi" Sueyoshi>>Shinachiku, Eraserhead, Takeban, Metalfolk

Naoto Shibata, Eraserhead, Japametal, Metalfolk, Volcano, The Cro-Magnons>>Katsuji Kirita>>Naoto Shibata, Eraserhead, Volcano, The Cro-Magnons

History & Biography
These power thrashers ‘Gagoyruu’ have been haunting Osaka since 1987 and are quite the veterans. With that said, the band’s line-up has been as stable as Donald Trump’s ‘brain.’ The group is akin to a costume party of different era and places. Beginning 1997 the band invented an alter ego called Battle Gargoyle. The ‘Mysterious Guerilla Sound’ band climbed the stage in the land of takoyaki on 15.07.1987 and has not looked back since. The band operated its own bar called G-Ark in Tokyo for a while. First Cell is the group’s imprint.

Crazy Sadism and Gargoyle were the early and 1987 demos. The band employed stage names. A 7” EP purportedly released in a limited edition of 666 lead to the full-length debut Misogi on the band’s Paranoiz imprint and Columbia Records. After Zero issued the second album, Furebumi. She-Ja left to focus on his own band, Volcano, on September 5th, 1993. The group played at the Marquee in London, England. 月の棘 introduced the guitarists Kentaro Yokota and Kazuhiko "Yotaro" Yoshida. Natural featured a band sans its customary image. Royal Egg was a 1998 live video. The band performed its entire repertoire for New Year’s Eve in 1998. This became the 1999 video compilation 終わりのはじまり. 封印 Who In? was also a live album. Yotaro left in order to focus on his family on November 24th, 2001. He had left in 1988 only to return in 1993. The band had issued multiple demos in the intervening years. 2008’s Super Battle Gargoyle EP featured both new and rerecorded songs. 虹融合 of 2012 commemorated the band’s 25th anniversary with new versions of the band’s songs. Sunray was a 2017 live video of the act’s 30th anniversary show at Tsutaya O-East on July 15th, 2017. It featured the band’s former guitarist She-Ja and Yotaro. The Man was a side-project of the members of Anthem and Gargoyle’s Kentaro playing cover versions. 美しき時代 was a 2019 video featuring Toshi, Kentaro and Katsuji. Toshi, Katsuji and Kentaro announced that they would be leaving the band for other pastures following a farewell gig on September 6th, 2018. This was a major change following disagreements between singer Kiba and bassist Katsuji. Kiba contemplated ending the band at this juncture as well. Tochihara has utilized a number of live musicians as his band since 2019. Kiba also initiated Under Gargoyle.