Praise Hate, Praise Murder, Praise The Beast - 2011 - Herege Warfare
Visions Of Death And Destruction - 2014 - Sordid Curse
Abyssal Blood Sacrifices - 2017 - Sordid Curse
Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages - 2023 - Lavadome

Garoted image
D. Stansberry>>Chafed Taint - Marasmus>>DEVON FERRERA>>Marasmus

Zach Mckeighan - Typhon, Verräter, Chafed Taint, Dr. Fvck, Ritual Combat, Cataphract, Varlok>>DREW FRERKING>>Zach Mckeighan - Verräter, Chafed Taint, Dr. Fvck, Cataphract, Varlok

D. Stansberry - Verräter, Vänlade>>JONATHAN TENNANT>>Verräter, Vänlade

Typhon, Verräter, Vänlade, Chafed Taint, Dr. Fvck, Cataphract, Relic, Emerald Eye, Varlok, Emerald Eye>>NOLAN WEBER>>Verräter, Vänlade, Chafed Taint, Emerald Eye

History & Biography
Garoted was founded in the USA in 2008. Promo 2009 was followed by an album praising the United States Of America. This album was first issued independently in 2010. Evil Personified continued the theme through a demo. An album arrived next in 2014. Past a split with Knifewound, Abyssal Blood Sacrifices was the next record. Zach Mckeighan left. D. Stansberry had left the bass to concentrate on the microphone instead. The band appeared at the Stygian Rites Fest in 2017.

Devon Ferrera joined on vocals in 2022. Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages was the title for the 2023 album by Garoted. It was out through Lavadome Productions. There was a video for the song Unfathomable Manifestation. The band had several concerts lined up for 2023.

Sordid Curse belonged to Drew Frerking.