Sonoran Depravation – 2016 - Relapse
Deserted – 2019 - Relapse

Gatecreeper image
S= Slut Sister, Spirit Adrift>>CHASE H. MASON>>Spirit Adrift

G= Languish, Spirit Adrift>>ERIC WAGNER>>Languish, Spirit Adrift – Deadeyejack, Pile Of Dead Women, Queen Beast, Take Over And Destroy>>Jack Maniacky [Nate Garrett]>>Take Over And Destroy – Judiciary, Terror Chamber>>ISRAEL GARZA>>Judiciary, Terror Chamber

B= Hellhorse, Languish>>SEAN MEARS>>Hellhorse, Languish

D= Hellhorse, Sovereign, Noose Rot, Bloodquest>>METAL MATT ARREBOLLO>>Hellhorse, Sovereign, Noose Rot, Bloodquest

History & Biography
The band was formed in 2013 and issued a cassette called Gatecreeper through Goatprayer Records in 2014. Several split releases followed. Guitarist Max Nattsblod left in 2015. Arizona death metal newcomers Gatecreeper announced a debut album called Sonoran Depravation through Relapse for October in August of 2016. Unleashed In The Middle East was a 2017 that was recorded at The Middle East club whilst on tour with Toxic Holocaust and Nails. The band and label-mates Iron Reagan issued a split CD in 2018. The act gigged with Cannibal Corpse and Power Trip. The band also had a split record with Exhumed in 2019. Cannabis Corpse’s Josh Hall would guest with the band on the stool for shows. Maniacky left in 2020.

To start 2021 the band issued an EP called An Unexpected Reality through Closed Casket Activities. Gatecreeper would tour North America with support from Narrow Head, 200 Stab Wounds and Fearing in April and May 2022. The act opened for Obituary and Municipal Waste in the same year and then opened for Obituary in Europe in 2023. The act found time to also complete a new record. In Flames, Gatecreeper and Creeping Death were touring the USA in May 2024. The tour kicked off in Maine on May 1st.