A Bloodred Path - 1996 - Spinefarm
The Dawn Of Flames - 1997 - Invasion
At Dusk And Forever - 1998 - Invasion

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Archam Angel, Agroth, Soulash, Duskfall, The Duskfall, Helltrain>>MIKAEL SANDORF>>Agroth, Soulash, Duskfall, The Duskfall, Helltrain

Disrupt>>Stefan Nilsson - Disrupt>>Andreas Johansson - Tomas Jutenfaldt - Archam Angel, Agroth, Soulash, Duskfall, The Duskfall, Helltrain>>MIKAEL SANDORF>>Agroth, Soulash, Duskfall, The Duskfall, Helltrain

Decortition, Throne Of Ahaz>>Niklas Svensson>> Gymnastiken, The Everdawn, The Moaning, Slingblade, - Azatoth>>Danjel Röhr

Decortition, Defleshed, The Everdawn>>Oskar Karlsson>>The Everdawn, Raised Fist, Scheitan, The Duskfall - Necromicon, Battlelust, Incinerator, Leprechaun>>Henrik ‘Baron Samedi’ Åberg>>Leprechaun, Mörk Gryning, Sadauk, Wombbath - Decortition, Defleshed, The Everdawn, Scheitan, Raised Fist>>OSKAR KARLSSON>>The Duskfall

History & Biography
The band was formed out of the ashes of the band Disrupt. Gates Of Ishtar, a melodic death metal act, was formed in late 1992 by Sandorf (formerly bassist for Archam Angel and concurrently drummer for Agroth), Johansson, guitarist Andreas Johansson (ex-Disrupt), guitarist Stefan Nilsson (ex-Disrupt) and bassist Harald Åberg (ex-Disrupt). The latter member came up with the band's name with help from Andreas. Later the band would count two former Decortition members among its line-up. A demo called Seasons Of Frost is recorded which quickly garnered a deal with Finland's Spinefarm Records. It was released n 1995 and featured lyrics influenced by H.P. Lovecraft. The band’s name was influenced by the Necronomicon. Tomas’ addition (a former school mate) brought the twin guitar sound to the band. The band’s first show featured female backing singer Christine who added a bluesy sound to the act. She would depart to a band called South Paw and remaining female-less the band’s sound became harder. Harald would soon depart to study at the University of Gothenburg where he was a member of Immortelle.

The debut was recorded at Finland's Tico Tico Studio. The band opens for Dark Tranquillity and At The Gates before seeing a complete line-up overhaul in its rhythm section.

The band recorded The Dawn Of Flames with Dan Swanö at Unisound. Danjel Röhr became the band's new session bassist and Henrik returned on drums. The new rhythm section lasted for a short period however. Two guitarists left, Sandorf also took up the guitar and Karlsson returned. Sandorf later claimed to have also played on the earlier albums.

Hammerheart Records re-released the band's final two albums in 2001. The Dutch label had bought out the rights to many of Invasion Records' following the latter's bankruptcy. Gates Of Ishtar had called it a day after encountering many problems following Invasion Records' bankruptcy. The group reformed in 2015 before going on hiatus again. Oskar Karlsson died in 2016. The band reactivated in 2022. Previous bassist Danjel Röhr died of cancer in 2022. Fredrik Andersson of Helltrain presented himself for live drumming.

Gates Of Ishtar shared a rehearsal space with Decortication. While the band remained friendly the Decortication guys, especially the bassist, had to remove cords and amps to stop Gates Of Ishtar from using their equipment. Henrik and Harald were not related. The band was only pseudo-Satanic and even burned a pentagram into the lawn of Andreas’ parents house.



Gates Of Ishtar