Live At Brutal Metal Fest – 2010 – GOR Discos
Stubburn - 2012 - Maluscos Discos

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MIGUEL ROCHA>>Bring Out Your Dead

MIGUEL ROCHA>>>>Bring Out Your Dead - DANIEL MILLAN>>Juggernaut

Westfallenpark, Akratos>>J.C. FERNANDEZ [JUAN CARLOS FERNANDEZ]>>Akratos, Bring Out Your Dead, Endernity, Buriality

Time Symmetry>>ALEJANDRO MARTINEZ>>Time Symmetry

History & Biography
Gauntlet was born in Madrid, Spain in 1998. After many line-up changes and fits the band issued a demo called Path Of Nails in the year of some people’s lord 2006. 2009’s What Doesn’t Kill Us... demo was mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox. A live recording called Live At Brutal Metal Fest was released in 2010. The band had performed 50 shows in Europe. The band returned with a new 2012 recording, Stubburn that was mastered by Jens Bogren. Rocha was the band’s sixth singer since inception. The act disbanded in 2014. Two members ended up in Bring Out Your Dead several years later.


When it comes to professionalism and presentation, you will not come across anything like Gauntlet’s Path Of Nails. The band has not only recorded a long full-length with outstanding packaging and quality, but also included a second disc featuring a biography, thumbs and a video. The band has even included a slide presentation of itself. Now that is effort. It would all be for naught were the music appalling, but fans of traditional hard rock and heavy metal will love this. Nothing can stand in the band’s way now. It is usually not advisable to include all your songs on a demo - after all, it is just a demo - but it all comes together here. The disc’s first song is Jack The Riffer, which is the band’s best probably. It is not afraid to speed up and has that certain traditional edge that many modern bands lack. The singer can wail. In case you noticed the wordplay, there is more. Song titles like Grime Reaper and a trilogy based on the Alien trilogy will follow. There are also a couple of slow songs here like the good one, Sea Of Tears, and the corny one, The Light. Another notable cut is Darkened, which begins with a Slayer rhythm and appropriately has a heavy riff. Expect some female vocals, but not as backing singing, but more as a male-female duet. Oh, the band has somehow managed to get members of Dreamaker, Dark Moor, Ebony Ark and Arwen to appear on the disc as well. Path Of Nails is an incredible effort. For more information write to - Anna Tergel

Gauntlet’s 2006 demo Path Of Nails managed to impressive us here at Metallian Towers back then and so it was with a good amount of curiosity that What Doesn’t Kill Us, the forty-five minute long/ten-track disc, was inserted into the audio system. The band has lost its singer Ivo in the downtime, but if anything, What Doesn’t Kill Us is stronger than its predecessor. Gauntlet is not only head and shoulders above the average Spanish output, but also the band easily crushes most of the barrage of releases coming from the mouth of established labels. Metal fans should really consider picking up on Gauntlet. The Spaniards do have a level of Prong/Pantera/Zakk Wylde tougher-than-thouism to them, but much of that is improved upon through a killer song writing sensibility and professionalism that never loses its metallic touch. In The Name Of ( ) is the song where one of Gauntlet’s guitarists mimics Wylde’s wail, but from then on there is so much traditional metal that has been updated and personalized that the disc almost flies to the end before one notices. Exceptionally the album’s second half is a better bargain. Cross Of Shame has some real guitar work, which not many a metal band tries nowadays. Inner Enemy is simple, rhythmic and infectious. Again, this is nicely done for such a cool heavy metal song. The vocals are not the world’s strongest, but the singer puts real emotion into his delivery. This might be an offshoot of the strongly anti-religious expression and concepts. Presumably, Gauntlet will never be a hit in the USA. The band is well read. Interesting cover artwork as well. The band’s web address is - Ali “The Metallian”

The level of talent in Gauntlet is surprising and evident for all to hear, but that does not mean the band does it all right. This is a full-length independent release full of real metal and could have been even better if the band has not damaged itself. Most of the blame resides with the singer. First though, the guitarist is a talented man with no shortage of ideas. The rhythm is tight, but the leads and riffs are serially good. The first song is There Will Be No Peace thrashes hard. Blood Sweat & Tears is another ripper as is Last Exit To Blisstonia. These songs have hard raspy vocals. The fake closes the album and shows off some amazing soloing. The weaker songs are My Dying Breath and You Don’t Know Me. On the latter track things degenerate into a Metallica clone vocal track (lack of) idea. Despite the disappointment the guitarist still tears a great solo. See a theme? or - Anna Tergel