Babylon Rockets - 2003 - Wild Kingdom
Black: Anthem - 2005 - Wild Kingdom
Sex Drugs Anarchy – 2008 - earGear

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Jekyll & Hyde, Plaster>>TIN STAR [STEPHAN MOLANDER]

Sweet Creature>>TIN STAR [STEPHAN MOLANDER]>>Sweet Creature - The Deep Shit Junkies, Angel Dust, Jack To The Bone, Wounded>>Snoopy>>Wounded – Tom Wouda - DANY "DEE DEE" DOUGLAS

Tornado Babies, The Jet Set, Beautiful Creatures>>HOT ROD TEILMANN [ROGER TEILMANN]>>Mean Streak


History & Biography
The Stockholm sleaze rockers issued the Let's Go Startrippin' In The Blown Zone demo in 2001 months after forming and signed to Japan's Spiritual Beast. The members used to hang out at Tin's night club. The founders were Snoopy, Tin, Pete and Rod and played their first show on 12.09.2002.

Hot Rod had left Gothenburg to try his luck in America, but was back in Sweden now. Babylon Rockets was issued in 2003. Cleopatra/Deadline Records licensed the album for North America in the summer of 2005. The band's second album was issued at the same time and had a more mechanical sound. Hardcore Superstar and Gemini Five had a European tour in 2004. Dany "Dee Dee" Douglas was on lead guitar briefly in 2008. The group won the Swedish Metal Awards’ Best Glam Sleaze Band award in 2009.

Gemini 5 was a space flight in 1965.


The four guys in Gemini Five have finally received a Canadian release for Babylon Rockets two years after the disc was issued in Japan. A sticker on the impressively-illustrated cover describes the boys as being "for fans of Backyard Babies, Mötley Crüe and Hanoi Rocks" and the description is generally accurate. A sleazy attitude is alright, a fun, gun and loud sound is alright, catchy and sing-along tracks are alright, but no long hair is not. Rockers should sport long yummy manes. The title track is a fun start to the proceedings - yeah! The song is sleazy, naughty and hard rocking. Myself Esteem (clever) and Poison Envy (even more clever) are poppy tunes. Here and there the band fortifies its sound with synthesizers. Chemicals Between Us replicates the Mötley Crüe formula for slow songs, Neon Kicks has cool guitars and Suicide Tuesday closes the album with an underlying Motörhead rhythm. Albums like Babylon Rockets are rare, but more solos and long hair would be nice. Watch for two videos included as well. - Sheila Wes Det


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