Red White and Blood - 2011 - Season Of Mist
We’re All Gonna Die - 2013 - Nuclear Blast

S= Cheatin’ Soccer Mom, Exodus, Dukes, Fragile Mortals>>ROB DUKES>>Exodus, Dukes, Fragile Mortals
G= Hollow, Decomposed, Mutilation>>JASON VELEZ – Mutilation, Undivided, Screwface>>JASON TRECZNER>>Screwface
B= Mutilation, M.O.D., Hollow, Pro Pain, Undivided>>ROB MOSCHETTI
D= Morpheus, Morpheus Descends, Funerus>>Sam Inzerra>>Morpheus Descends, Funerus - Dukes, Riphouse>>Jim De Maria>>Toxik

Generation Kill, the new band fronted by Exodus singer Rob Dukes, would see the release of its debut album Red White and Blood on September 27th, 2011 in North America through Season Of Mist.

In 2013, Generation Kill signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Records. The group's new album was due in November. Rob Youells became the drummer as of 2014. Rapper Darryl "DMC" McDaniels and Generation Kill, featuring former Exodus singer Rob Dukes, made their collaboration permanent and formed Fragile Mortals. The band was working on a full-length.



Generation Kill