The Eagle Will Rise - 2021 - Pure Steel
Lionheart - 2023 - El Puerto

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Rio Ullrich - Rio Ullrich

Oscura, Corbian>>PASCAL LORENZ - Börnie, Dead Man’s Hand, Bullet Train, Blind Mirror>>JACK THE RIFFER

Squealer>>Michael Kaspar

Iron Breed, Exray, Asgard, Squealer, Scene X Dream>>Martin Winter - Odium, Braindeadz>>Chris Hauske

History & Biography
The Germany-based heavy metal group Generation Steel came together in 2019. Jack The Rifger recruited four members including two former Squealers. The debut album was issued in 2021. Notice the band and label names’ similarity. Uwe Lulis, formerly of Grave Digger, produced the record. Rio Ullrich left, but returned quickly. In the meantime, Markus Wagner fronted the band. Generation Steel borrowed a title from Lionheart/Saxon/Grave Digger/Serenity and released Lionheart in 2023. Chris Hauske was replaced by Sven Maier in 2023. The band toured Europe with Manimal and Mentalist.

Generation Steel had a new singer, Dirk Meyer (ex-Ivory Tower), and uploaded a song called Steelers through El Puerto Records in 2024. The line-up was working on a new record. Singer Rio Ullrich and bassist Michael Kaspar had recently left the band. Andreas Drommershausen (bass) and Marc Laukel (drums) were guest musicians. The two transitioned to full-time members after one gig. The band and WarWolf shared the stage still in 2024.



Generation Steel