Somnus Mortis Imago - 2003 - Ordealis

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ZOLTAN MOLNAR>>Sunstroke, Sin Of God

Attila Torday - Diafragma>>Tibor Kovacs>>Hollowgram – Diafragma, Hollowgram>>TIBOR KOVACS>>Hollowgram

Zsolt Temesvary

Diafragma, Behind Your Fears, Goblin Gore>>ENDRE VIGH>>Behind Your Fears, Goblin Gore, Sin Of God, Paediatrician, Testimony

History & Biography
Gholgoth was formed at the end of 1998 in Szentes, Hungary by Zoltan Molnar , Zsolt Temesvary and guitarist Attila Torday. By the year 2000 the band had recruited a drummer called Endre Vigh and a second guitarist called Tibor Kovacs - the latter two formerly of Diafragma. The band entered Batsound Studio in November of 2000 and recorded a demo called Visional Inertia. The demo was issued by Stygian Shadows Productions on tape. The band then recorded material for a split-7" with Witchcraft for Germany's Miriquidi Productions. The single was called Revelations Through The Veil Of Oblivion.

The band continued on with as much live activity as possible before Tibor Kovacs announced his departure. Shortly thereafter, France's Ordealis Records approached the band and signed Gholgoth for two albums. The band entered Batsound Studio in the summer of 2003. A festival appearance was not to be missed in August and even featured Tibor Kovacs on session guitars. Attila Torday left the fold, but instead Tibor Kovacs opted to return to the fold full-time. A second guitarist called Laszlo Kliment was soon drafted. Stygian Shadows issued an EP, called Ouraboros, in 2007. The boys took part in a tribute to fascist band Burzum, entitled Life Has A New Meaning: A Hungarian Tribute To Burzum in 2009. Predictably, the act disappeared.

The band has played with the likes of Pungent Stench and Hypnos in the past.


Gholgoth is a Hungarian band whose full-length album will put the strength of black metal on the scene to test. This is pure, unabashed and unadulterated black metal. Whether a CD like this can find a market or not will establish to which direction the metal scene has gravitated. Have poseur bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of crap cornered the market or do fans still know the difference between good and... evil! For this is evil. The hyperblasting brutalizers in Gholgoth waste no time in revving up their engines. It is skullbashing Satan worship from the get-go. The riffs come fast and furious, the drummer hammers the point home and the singer spews hatred with style. Gholgoth is a good choice for fans of the true Mayhem (i.e. with Euronymous in the band), Gorgoroth and even Immortal. Favourite song: the raging Dead Star. - Ali "The Metallian"