Metal Danger>>GHOST - POLAND

The Lost Of Mercy - 1994 - Loud Out

S= Krzysztof Berlik - DARIUSZ ENGLER
G= DARIUSZ ENGLER - Roman Pegza – fading, Dark Legion, Grin>>KRZYSZTOF "DZIADEK" DOBROWOLSKI>>Grin
B= Mieczyslaw Klimek>>Grin, Syper Force - KRZYSZTOF ENGLER
D= Grin>>Krzysztof Jankowski>>Hell-born

The death/thrash metal band Ghost was formed in 1988 and released the demo Noc Demona a year later. The band plays for the likes of Samael, Kat and Vader before releasing the Bad Obssesion tape through Carnage Records. A deal with the domestic label Loud Out follows.

A demo called Renown was released in 1998 after the band reunited in 1997. The group disbanded in 2002, but inevitably returned in 2016. The new incarnation lacked a drummer and featured Krzysztof Engler on bass.