Guided By Fire - 2007 - Season Of Mist
Isolation Songs - 2009 - Season Of Mist
Until Fear No Longer Defines Us - 2011 - Season Of Mist
IV - One With The Storm - 2014 - Season Of The Mist

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Zerocharisma, Paraxism, BetoniHank>>MANNE IKONEN>>Zerocharisma, BetoniHank, Endless Forms Most Gruesome

Manne Ikonen - Zerocharisma, Sons Of Aeon>>TOMMI KIVINIEMI>>Zerocharisma, Sons Of Aeon - Sunride, Sons Of Aeon>>WILLE NAUKKARINEN>>Sunride, Sons Of Aeon

Sunride>>Janne Julin>>Sunride - Alghazanth, To Conceal The Horns, Lux Morti>>JONI SAALAMO>>Alghazanth, To Conceal The Horns, Lux Morti, Odiosior, Kangeheet, Caestus



History & Biography
The act was founded in 2005. With only Demo 2006 under its belt, the somewhat progressive Ghost Brigade signed with France’s Season Of Mist. Singer (and occasional guitarist) Ikonen was in early '90s death metal band, Paraxism. The other members’ band, Sunride, was placed on hiatus. Isolation Songs landed in the Finnish charts. Finland’s Ghost Brigade issued Until Fear No Longer Defines Us on Season Of Mist in the summer of 2011. That year’s edition of Madrid Is The Dark Festival was taking place on the 08th, 09th and 10th of December at the Old School venue in Getafe, Spain. Ghost Brigade was taking part. The band had a video for the song Clawmaster, off its new album Until Fear No Longer Defines Us, which was issued through Season Of Mist. The album was in the Top 10 of the Finnish charts. IV - One With The Storm arrived at the end of 2014. Joni Saalamo was on bass and Joni Vanhanen was on keyboards. The band split up in 2015, but did the standard return to play two concerts for the 30th anniversary of a local venue that the band had played at in early 2020. The pandemic had arrived and postponed 2020 concerts did not happen either. The band reported having broken up.



Ghost Brigade