Sheer Greed - 1980 - Jet
Wasted Youth - 1982 - Jet
Live At Marquee - 2001 - Receiver
Live At The Exposition Hall, Osaka - 2001 - Receiver

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PHIL LEWIS>>The London Cowboys, Air Race, Soldier, L.A. Guns, Torme, The Liberators, Heavy Metal Kids

GERRY LAFFY>>Solo, Sheer Greed - PHIL COLLEN>>Def Leppard, The Cybernauts, Man Raze

SIMON LAFFY>>Atlantis, Hard Rain, Man Raze

Dave Gaynor>>Sweet Savage - Mainhorse, Wonderwheel, Spooky Tooth, Alvin Lee & Co. , Neo>>Bryson Graham - Broken Home, Gillan>>PETE BARNACLE>>Spear Of Destiny, Misha Calvin, Visage, Yngwie Malmsteen, Theatre Of Hate

History & Biography
London-based Girl was a UK glam band whose signing, rumour had it, was based on a video. Even though Simon was Gerry's brother, he had joined the band a year after the band's formation. The band appeared at the Reading festival near London England in 1980. Despite some Japanese success and a change of image the band was soon history with Collen joining Def Leppard after refusing an offer from Iron Maiden. Ironically, Adrian Smith would audition for Def Leppard years later. Girl opened for Kiss in the UK in 1984.

The band had opened for Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, ZZ Top and UFO. Lewis fronted more London bands before departing for the USA where he garnered some success with L.A. Guns. Gerry went into the film business.

Summer of 2001 saw the release of two Girl live albums. One was a UK recording while the other was recorded in Japan. The latter featured drummer Bryson Graham who was a member between the studio albums. Barnacle, who played with Yngwie Malmsteen on the Eclipse tour, was last reported as living in Japan.

In 2008 Laffy and Collen were in the newly formed rock band Man Raze with Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols.

Phil Lewis joined the reformed Heavy Metal Kids in 2011 and would appear live with the group.