Frames - 1997 - Nocturnal
Fetish Parade - 2000 - Negatron

S= Andrea Rizzuto - Cruentus, Schizo>>NICOLA BAVARO
G= Desecration, Schizo>>GIANLUCA MOLE
B= Andrea Rizzuto
D= Danilo Citriniti - Gianluca Anastasi - Sound Pressure Level, Utmost End, Cornflakes Freaks>>ENZO ROTONDARO>>Cornflakes Freaks
K= Salvatore Mancuso

Hailing from Southern Italy, and born in late 1992, Glacial Fear quickly releases a demo and a 7" EP entitled Secrets At The Steam Forest in succession. These recordings showcase a young death metal band.
Gianluca Anastasi replaces Danilo Citriniti and the band introduces a keyboardist. This line-up records Atlasphere: The Burning Circle EP for Nosferatu Records. Three years later the band records Frames at its own Mediterranean Groove Sounds Studio. This CD sees releases via Nocturnal Music. A tour is followed by the introduction of Enzo Rotondaro and shortly thereafter the band loses Salvatore Mancuso.
The new line-up enters Ultrasound Studio and records Fetish Parade at the end of 1999. This album features singer Nicola Bavaro formerly of Cruentus and Schizo. The album is released in mid-2000 and emphasizes the band's 'cyber-metal' style. At this point the band further loses founding member Rizzuto.
Mole is a producer and engineer of music in Italy.


Anyone familiar with or roaming through the catacombs of the underground has undoubtedly come across the name Glacial Fear from Italy at some juncture. Having released material for more than five years now, the Italian trio is gearing up for the launch of its second full length via this little three track teaser. The three tracks Space 1999, Electronic N-ice Eyes and Misanthropic Hacker have an evidently cyber feel to them, something which the music substantiates. GF weave intricate slow/fast and eerie/noisy fabrics into their sound, thus reproducing what can be accurately described as a modern sounding version of metal all the way. The vocals are gruff (very) and the music begs captured attention, and so GF is a little more than your average serving of metal band 1999. Via Conti di Loritello 13 str. C, 88060 Catanzaro Italy. - Ali "The Metallian"


Glacial Fear