Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife - 2013 - Napalm
Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards - 2015 - Napalm
Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex - 2019 - Napalm
Return To The Kingdom Of Fife - 2023 - Napalm

Gloryhammer image
Nieverlore, T-Rage, Emerald, Barque Of Dante>>Angus McFife XIII, Crown Prince Of Fife [Thomas Laszlo Winkler]>>Emerald, Angus McSix - Wizardthrone, Bumilingus, Traces, Saturnian, Fever Sea, Prostitute Disfigurement, Deathcode Society>>ZARGOTHRAX, DARK EMPEROR OF DUNDEE [MICHAEL PHILIP BARBER]>>Wizardthrone, Deathcode Society

Blackout, Sorcerer’s Spell, Annwn>>SER PROLETIUS, GRAND MASTER OF THE DEATHKNIGHTS OF CRAIL [PAUL TEMPLING]>>Sorcerer’s Spell, Annwn

Hoarstone, A Retch Of Blood, Bumilingus, Cruciatus>>THE HOOTSMAN, ASTRAL DEMIGOD OF UNST [JAMES CARTWRIGHT]>>Cruciatus


Splen, Alestorm, Perth, Fröstskög, Battleheart, Bumilingus, Sabadu, Asdfgfa, Solo, Frøggë, Wizardthrone>>Zargothrax, Dark Emperor of Dundee [Christopher Alexander Bowes]>>Splen, Alestorm, Sabadu, Asdfgfa, Solo, Frøggë, Wizardthrone

History & Biography
Gloryhammer’s music has more to do with folk rock and poppy Eurovision than hard rock or heavy metal. With a hammer as a prop, keyboards everywhere, operative female vocals, Manowar garb and titles like Diggy Diggy Hole, the band has attracted a following, but the metal and power have been omitted. It is difficult to imagine a band that is more commercially mainstream than Alestorm, but Gloryhammer was formed by the former act’s keyboard player Christopher Bowes in 2010. This was not to be taken as too keenly as the said man collects side-projects like a footballer collects tattoos. The group liked the name Zargothrax so much it deployed more than one of him. Each member is a character from the band’s concepts.

The band signed to Alestorm’s Napalm Records and released Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife. As is evident, the band likes to play the Scottish card and stay close to home. The band’s debut album, Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife, narrated an alternate history of medieval Scotland with magic and sorcery. The album was recorded at LSD Studios in Germany and was to be available in late 2012, which turned out to be 2013. In contrast, the 2015 album took flight, however, the act cemented a habit of pushing flashy videos. Lancer announced a European tour with Gloryhammer and Hammerfall. Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex featured a song called Gloryhammer.

Bowes left in 2019, but would remain a songwriting contributor. The band toured with Powerwolf. After an appearance at Bloodstock, Swiss singer (both Scotland and Switzerland begin with the letter ‘S’?) Angus McFife XIII, Crown Prince Of Fife was fired through an email in 2021. His replacement was Angus McFife II who was from Cyprus. The band’s tour with Alestorm was not cancelled. Elvenking opened for Gloryhammer in Europe in 2022. Following their co-headline European tour with Beast In Black in January and February, Gloryhammer was heading out on The Red, White And Hoots North America Headliner Tour in 2023. Encompassing 18 shows in total, this trek featured Twilight Force as main support. The year ended with Gloryhammer in Australia in November for a string of headlining shows. Support on the road came from Rumahoy and Sydney thrashers LiveWire. The band was booked for Epic Fest of Denmark for early 2024. Also booked were Iron Fire, Orden Ogan and Beast In Black.

The members were ensnared in a controversy when screenshots of their racist and sexist chats were leaked following Angud McFife’s firing..