Tales of the Midnight Forest - 2011 - Nymphaea
Death Spells Erotica - 2013 - NitroAtmosfericum
Ave Nihil - 2015 - NitroAtmosfericum/Red Rivet
Quintum Corpus - 2021 - Dark East

Gmork image
Наполненное Пустотой, Монсальват, Drauggard, Lost In November, La Mer Est Morte>>GLOOMYRAIN [ANTON ABRAMOV]>>Наполненное Пустотой, Монсальват, Drauggard, Lost In November, La Mer Est Morte

Karpathian - Suruat - Openminder - MYRK [ILYA PUSHKIN]

Drauggard>>Teuthis [Eugene Mityakov]>>Drauggard - MYRK [ILYA PUSHKIN] - Artificum Nex, La Mer Est Morte>>Teo Frast>>Artificum Nex, La Mer Est Morte - Executor [Dmitry Dubrov]

Ivan Petrov - Drauggard, Formaline, The Mutilator, Ashen Light, Древень, Изморозь>>Fin [Dmitriy Fiskin]>>Drauggard, Formaline, Ashen Light, Древень, Изморозь, Melancholy, Educated Scum, Intra Spelaeum, Alkonost, Rose Of Steel, Mass Madness, Монсальват, Dark Secret Love, Pokerface, Risk, Disillumination, СВД, Путь Солнца - Artificum Nex, Wombripper, Древень, Abyssfire, Sunset Brigade, Contrabandist, Vhorthax, Монсальват>>NOCTUS [ELDAR ISKENDEROV]>>Wombripper, Древень, Abyssfire, Sunset Brigade, Contrabandist, Vhorthax, Монсальват

History & Biography
Named after a werewolf in The Neverending Story novel, Russia-based black metal band Gmork was founded in Novgorod in 2005. Demos called Beyond The Midnight Forest (2006), Hymn Of Night And Darkness (again 2006 and with a Darkthrone cover version) and Dressed In The Wolf Skins came hard and fast. The band and noise act Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh had a split. The band also released an ambient EP called ...In Embrace Of Cold White Dust.

The ‘midnight forest’ was revisited when the band released its debut album. Gmork was on the cover. The second album introduced guitarist Openminder and guitarist/bassist Myrk. EPs and split releases were coming fast as well. Bassist Teo was on the third album. Fin was on drums. Ave Nihil had switched to Russian lyrics. The band also released a single with an Autopsy cover and used a Metallian Towers’ serf as a cover model. Executor was on bass and Noctus on drums for the 2021 album. Myrk contributed bass and guitars this time. Sacravius took over the bass in 2022. Myrk was on guitar solely. Sarx was a 2022 EP. The band had a couple of shows called Black Metal Over Russia with Gloosh, Eoront and Ad Nihil in 2024. The group uploaded an advance song, entitled Сумерки - преддверие ночи (Twilight Is The Eve Of Night), from its next album.