Sulphurous Northern Bestiality – 2019 – Iron Bonehead

Goatkraft image
S= The Eye Of The North, Deadlight Sanctuary>>G.>>The Eye Of The North, Deadlight Sanctuary
G= O. – G.
B= A.
D= T.

Iron Bonehead issued Goatkraft’s Angel Slaughter 12″ MLP/MCD in early 2018. The young band had just started working with goats (milk? fur? goatee? love making??) in 2017, the year in which it had issued War Metal - Promo 2017. This demo was also re-issued by the label. The band was working on a full-length. The band and Canada-based Goathammer had a split release in 2020. A cassette compilation was called Barbaric Hatred And Doom in 2021.

‘GOAT’ was the acronym for the members’ first names. Goatkraft members were a fan of Blasphemy, whom they covered, and especially adored the cover model for the Fallen Angel Of Doom album.