Reflections Of The Solstice - 1991 - Turbo

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S= Ace Still>>Doom Snake Cult



D= JEFF NARDONE>>Spun In Darkness

History & Biography
Goatlord was a noisy black/death metal band with obvious Hellhammer influences, which hailed from Las Vegas, Nevada. The group was founded in 1985. The group’s initial drummer was Mitch Harris who would end up in Napalm Death. The band's only album was licensed for USA and Canada by JL America and called simply Goatlord. This re-release was issued in 1992 and had different artwork. Chris Gans would be the band’s later singer.

Fans were likely not delighted to see original ideas like Kiss or Animals’ cover versions. A rarities compilation called The Last Sodomy Of Mary appeared in 2007. Demo'87/Reh'88 was issued as a re-release compilation by Nuclear War Now! Productions in 2015. Ace Still was back in the active band, but Frankulin stated that the reformation was on aborted in 2014. He wanted the reformed band to play NWN! Festival in Germany, but could not convince Act Still or Jeff Nardone. Frankulin reported that Nardone was afraid of flying.

In 2015, guitarist Joe Frankulin killed a woman and her seven-year-old son before committing suicide on Friday, October 2nd. The mother and son were one Jennifer Bagley Donoso and her oldest son, Lex respectively. The 47-year-old Frankulin reportedly wrote “I LOVE YOU BABY" on the house’s garage door. Ace Still, who was a chef, died of a reported accidental fall in 2017. He was 51.