Suppurated Fetus>>GOATPENIS - BRAZIL

Inhumanization – 2004 - Die Todesrune
Biochemterrorism – 2010 - Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
Depleted Ammunition – 2011 - Satanic Skinhead Propaganda
Flesh Consumed In The Battlefield – 2014 - Deathangle Absolution
Epithaps Of The War – 2015 – Tolinga
Apocalypse War – 2016 - Pagan War
Live In Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack – 2016 – Brazilian Ritual
Anesthetic Vapor – 2017 - Nuclear War Now!
Decapitation Philosophy – 2020 - Nuclear War Now!
End - 2024 - Brazilian Ritual

Goatpenis image
Schultz – Suppurated Fetus, Seven Deadly Sins, Imblut, RawWar>>Sabbaoth [Evandro Siebert]>>Suppurated Fetus, Seven Deadly Sins, Imblut, RawWar - Fuzilador>>NECRO ABHORRENCE [EDUARDO BLUMER]

Sabbaoth [Evandro Siebert] - By Disgrace Of God, Blasphamagoatachrist>>VIRRUGUS APOCALLI>>Blasphamagoatachrist – Fuzilador, Sodamned, Volkmort>>NECRO ABHORRENCE [EDUARDO BLUMER]>>Volkmort

Oenn – Suppurated Fetus, Blasphamagoatachrist, Imblut>>Sabbaoth [Evandro Siebert]>>Suppurated Fetus, Blasphamagoatachrist, Imblut

Protektor/Anti-Human Terrorist [Julian Catalan] – Astövidatüs, Infektus, Lied Des Waldes, Ordo Natum Bamay Crom>>R. [Rubens Wuensch]>>Astövidatüs, Lied Des Waldes, Ordo Natum Bamay Crom – Razamanaz, Manifest, Rhestus, Nervus, Rythual>>Impaler [Marcos Diegel]>>Imblut, Rythual – Sodamned, RawWar, Luciferiano>>MGM.666 [GILSON LANGE]>>Sodamned, RawWar

History & Biography
Goatpenis was founded under another name in Santa Catarina in southern Brazil in 1988 before changing its name three years later. Several demos, htaeD no tabbaS, Blessed By War and Jesus Coward, followed and established the band’s early black metal credentials.

A couple of compilations later the band and Spain-based Death Squadron issued a split through Agonia Records in 2004. Early bassists Miltonhead, Abyssus and Hcelemarda had already left. The reason for the gap in time was that the band had split up in 1997 only to make the customary return in 1999. The band’s first album came in late 2004. It was issued by a Nazi label. More demos, with names like Semen 1992 - Anno Domini, followed. Goatpenis was seen on the video compilation Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack alongside bands like Blasphemy in 2015. Epithaps Of The War was a live record. Goatpenis and Demonic Apparition enjoyed a split release called United In Demonic Warfare in 2021. The band continued despite Sabbaoth’s death and played shows like Black Flag Metal Fest in 2022. Necro Abhorrence was on vocals now. 2024's End featured a line-up of singer and guitarist Necro Abhorrence, huitarist and bassist Virrugus Apocalli and drummer MGM.666. The Goatpenis Eradication Tour was scheduled for Europe in Q4 2024.

Main man Sabbaoth died in 2021. He had a heart attack. The band has had as many bassists as Donald Trump had uttered lies and drummers as Kiss has had farewell tours.