World Wide Death - 2004 - Threeman
Zombienomicon - 2006 - Threeman

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Votary, Hypocrisy, Dark Funeral, Dominion Caligula, Sanctification>>EMPEROR MAGUS CALIGULA [MASSE BROBERG]>>Dark Funeral, Sanctification

House Of Usher, Leukemia, Brain Cancer, Lame, Rosicrucian, The Project Hate>>LORD K [KENTH PHILIPSON]>>The Project Hate

Sanctification, Divine Desecration, Proserphine>>TOMAS ELOFSSON

Vomitory, Eureka, Syrus>>TOBIAS GUSTAFSSON>>Vomitory

History & Biography
God Among Insects was formed in October, 2003 by a cast of experienced musicians with the express interest in recording true death metal. The band featured Grave/The Project Hate-man Jürgen Sandström on vocals at first. He would be replaced by Emperor Magus Caligula. The band obtained a contract with Threeman Recording and entered Abyss Studio in March, 2004 where it recorded its full-length. The album was issued in the summer of the same year. The disc was licensed for and issued in America by Candlelight in the autumn of 2004. The Swedes' second album Zombienomicon was due early in 2006 through Threeman Recordings. It was recorded at Abyss Studios with producer Tommy Tägtgren. Instead, the band left the label voluntarily asking for a release believing the label less than supportive.

The band officially threw in the towel following a year or so of inactivity in November of 2007. Fans could catch the band’s last show at the House Of Metal festival in Sweden in February 2008.


One cannot judge a book by its cover or so the saying goes. If that adage is indeed true then the debut album of project/band God Among Insects - possibly an X-Men quotation - might be more than an unexceptional and workmanlike jaunt through the annals of death metal. Hold on just one second though. A traditional entry into the files of death metal is in fact a good thing if that entry, by definition, is true and prime death metal... like the one World Wide Death delivers.
Manned by Dark Funeral's Emperor Magus Caligula, The Project Hate's Lord K Philipson, Vomitory's Tobben Gustafsson and Tomas Elofsson of Sanctification God Among Insects is a slash 'n burn death metal assault that is as pure as Swedish snow. The CD is recorded at Abyss Studio by Tommy Tägtgren, but has a bottom-heavy and monstrous sound like no other Abyss recording. The guitars are probably down-tuned to F, if such a thing is possible, and shatter heaven and earth with each strum. The drums echo the sounds of war booming in utter heaviness and the bass guitar is so distorted and noisy that were it alive it would be dispatched to a sanitarium without further ado. Caligula is not about to be left behind and delivers vocals deep, looow and growly which are only interrupted by hellish and violent screams. This is the stuff of death metal dreams. Simple and all the more effective for it, World Wide Death could actually deliver on its title if transmitted far and wide enough.
To sum, this CD has turned out to be one hell of a surprise that, despite its being a project and rather basic in construct, is brutal and definitive enough to be worthy of an emphatic recommendation. Wimps will wail and cry and posers will fall by the way side, but fans of early Grave and Incantation will judge this a required purchase. - Ali "The Metallian"


God Among Insects