Sea Of Dreams - 1996 - Invasion
Shadow's Dance - 1997 - Invasion
Resurrection - 1999 - Nuclear Blast
Way Beyond - 2001 - Nuclear Blast

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Master Jokers, Unblessed, Grave Flowers, Loss>>MATTE ANDERSSON>>Grave Flowers, Loss

Stefan Olsson [Stefan Grundel] - World Of Silence>>Mikael Dahlqvist>>World Of Silence, Dog Pound - World Of Silence>>Mikael Dahlqvist>>World Of Silence, Dog Pound

World Of Silence>>Fredric Danielsson>>World Of Silence, Dog Pound

Unblessed>>Erik Andersson

World Of Silence>>Thomas Heder>>World Of Silence - World Of Silence>>Thomas Heder>>World Of Silence - Unblessed, Grave Flowers>>ERIK ANDERSSON>>Grave Flowers

History & Biography
Godgory was formed in August of 1992 by former Unblessed friends singer Matte Andersson (formerly a drummer) and drummer Erik Andersson in order to play death metal covers. The surnames were merely coincidental. Jens the bassist of Unblessed also spent time in Godgory.

The band entered Dan Swano's Unisound Studio in April of 1994 and recorded Demo 94. With much interest coming the band's way, the band signed a deal with a soon-bankrupt record company! The band sent the recording to different labels and garnered interest from Berlin's Invasion Records.

The band entered Unisound again in October of 1996, now featuring keyboardist Thomas Heder, and recorded Shadow's Dance. This album outsold the debut and the future looked bright.

Surprisingly the founding members fire Mikael Dahlqvist Guitar, Fredric Danielsson Bass, and Thomas Heder Keyboard for allegedly not concentrating on Godgory. In fact, the World Of Silencers were contractually bound to their other label Black Mark Production.

Still Nuclear Blast Records, which had earlier expressed in the band would sign the act to a new deal. The band appeared on Nuclear Blast's Beauty In Darkness Vol. 3 album with the song Conspiracy Of Silence. Needing studio musicians for a new album, the duo re-recruited the fired members Dahlqvist and Heder and set out to record Resurrection at Studio Fasaden. Resurrection appeared in May, 1999.

The band's fourth album was recorded at the famous Studio Fredman. The line-up was again comprised of the core duo plus the above-named session members. Erik Andersson however had switched from drums to keyboards and the band programmed a drum machine on the album. The group split up in 2004. Andersson formed his own Khaoz Star record label and joined one of his signees, Loss.

Godgory’s 2001 album, Way Beyond, was being re-released in October, 2009 by the re-issue label, Metal Mind.