Rising Hatred - 2006 - Pathos
Battle Lords - 2007 - Moribund

S= Vital Remains>>JEFF GRUSLIN
G= Vital Remains>>Paul Flynn - Michael Lecam - Ampütator>>Justin Flynn>>Ampütator
B= Ritual Sacrifice>>Michael Lecam - Justin Flynn
D= Leukorrhea, Goreality>> Michael Mcpherson>>Leukorrhea, Goreality

Godless Rising featured several former Vital Remains lunatics including Jeff Gruslin on vocals. Guitarist Rob Grillo, formerly of Descent, was part of the early line-up. The true death metal band issued an album limited to 2,000 copies - originally intended as a demo - through the local Pathos Productions label before switching over to Moribund Records on the US West Coast. The band underwent complete line-up change after the albums. Toby Knapp of Darken was next in on guitar. Chris Wheeler was on drums.


Godless Rising might be the truest death metal band doing the rounds. The blasphemous beast lead by one-time Vital Remains front viper Jeff Gruslin combines authentic death metal, a bite worse than a cobra on fresh meat and a blasphemous feeling from somewhere deep deep inside. After an intro that points mistakenly to My Dying Bride, the band unleashes a thunder of depraved bestiality that does the phrase 'death metal' proud. A whirlwind of speed follows during which the vocals, guitars and drums outpace and out-maneuver one another while at the same time collectively striking fear in the heart of many a poser. Heathens Rage, Sadistic Ritual Carnage ensues and Ancient Grave Lands come to the fore as fans of Immolation, Deicide and Vital Remains get their just reward. Battle Lords is Gruslin and crew hurling years of pent-up aggression at false death metal, sham spiritual superstition and all the lame keyboard-barfing bands that defile the planet with no end in sight. Talented, fast, heavy and systematically unhip - hail the Battle Lords. - Ali “The Metallian”


Godless Rising