Chemical Garden - 1999 - Digital Dimension

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KRISTIAN LAMPILA>>Mindsnare - Rat Salad>>TOMMY SVENSSON>>Rat Salad, Electric Earth

ROBERT HAKEMO>>Mindsnare, Gardenian, Kerozene, Relevant Few

LARS BERGER>>Electric Earth

History & Biography
Heavy metal band Gooseflesh was formed in late 1995 in Trollhatan, Sweden as a side project to Rat Salad. Rat Salad was in the vein of Alice In Chains. The name was taken from the Salvador Dali painting called Inaugural Gooseflesh. The group was called Earth, as an ode to Black Sabbath, for a short period. Berger was the last member to join and the band had its live debut at a club called Mamma Mia.

A self-titled demo appeared in March of 1996. Hakemo replaced Micael Larsson and released The Glow and The Wraith demos before entering the studio in September of 1997 to record Welcome To Suffer Age demo. This turned into a MCD, which was released through the Spanish upstart Goldtrack in September of 1998, and the band subsequently appeared on several samplers including a tribute to Sepultura.

Chemical Garden was released through Digital Dimension and licensed to Dolphin Entertainment for a Japanese release. It was initially meant for the High Gain label in Germany, but a fortnight before the album's release that label went into receivership.

In an announcement, the band officially called it a day and disbanded in May, 2001 because, "numerous problems with record companies..." The members continued on with other projects leaving the door open to a future reorganization. Rat Salad had an album called The Golden Playground.