Covek - 1978 - RTB
2 - 1979 - PGP
3 - 1981 - PGP
Pakleni Trio - 1981 - LSY
Kraljica Smrti - 1982 - Yugoton

Gordi image
S= Džentlmeni, Fleš, Dah>>ZLATKO MANOJLOVIC>>Solo

G= Džentlmeni, Fleš, Dah>>ZLATKO MANOJLOVIC>>Solo

B= Warriors>>SLOBODAN SVRDLAN>>Warriors, Gene Loves Jezebel, Q

D= Stevan Milutinovic - CEDOMIR PETROVIC

K= Dah>>Goran Manojlovic

History & Biography
Gordi was a true hard rock and heavy metal band with an image akin to Thor. The act was founded by singer Zlatko Manojlović in 1977. The band hailed from Belgrade and sounded like Motorhead on the later LPs. The singer/guitarist's brother was in on keyboards, but would depart in 1981 leaving the act as a trio.

Serbia's Rock Express signed a deal for the re-release (with a lot of bonus material) of the two metal albums of the band in 2005, namely Pakleni Trio and Kraljica Smrti. A brand new album was also in the works. Nothing came of it.