Reign Of Lunacy - 1995 - New World Symphony
We Are The Undead – 2015 - PRC

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History & Biography
Gorelust was formed in September of 1991 in the midst of a death metal craze sweeping French Canada. The Rimouski-based quintet, featuring Robert Dionne on vocals, released a five-song demo in the winter of 1993. This established the band's brutal, albeit Suffocation-inspired, sound. Dionne was replaced by incoming singer Jonathan D'Astous. Many live shows, with among others Gorguts and Cryptopsy, followed.

Two new songs were recorded in late 1994 which were also utilized for a split-cassette with Morkeum issued by Montreal's New World Symphony Records. D'Astous left the band.

The quintet signed with New World Symphony and entered Studio Victor with producer Pierre Remillard (Obliveon) to record a full-length album. The recording featured backing vocals by Luc Lemay and Steve Hurdle of Gorguts. Following the recording Olivier was replaced by Tommy Beaulieu. The band supported bands like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, etc. and played with local acts like Cryptopsy and Obscene Crisis. The album further saw a European release by Cryptic Soul Production which would go on to allegedly rip off the band. This version featured different artwork and track listing.

The band split up, but attempted a comeback in 1998. That did not work out, but the mandatory reformation happened in 2012. Several members had been in cover band Warface. A record called We Are The Undead appeared in 2015 featuring a piano on the cover again. The band became inactive again.