Abnormal Exaggeration – 2008 – Macabre Mementos
Worship Paganism – 2010 - Macabre Mementos
Dull Punishment – 2016 – Bloodcurdling Enterprises
In The Face Of… - 2018 – Abnormal Exaggeration
Fate – 2020 - Comatose

Gorevent image
ORIKASA ‘TAKASICK’ TAKASHI – GOKUCHO [TAKAHASHI SACHIO] – Medic Vomiting Pus, Second Resurrection, Traumatomy>>Kamiyama Haruka>>Medic Vomiting Pus, Second Resurrection, Traumatomy, 死んだ細胞の塊

Rest In Gore>>GOKUCHO [SACHIO TAKAHASHI]>>Rest In Gore – Kasahara Takushi – Birth Asphyxia>>Lusy>>Birth Asphyxia, Slut Needs A Kongamato – Monosugoi Hikari>>SUGURU NAKAGAWA>>Monosugoi Hikari – Proud Of Grace, Weepray>>Akatsuka Takumi>>Proud Of Grace, Weepray

Rest In Gore>>Chinatsu Sonobe – Takahashi Hisashi - ORIKASA ‘TAKASICK’ TAKASHI

Sakai Eiji>>Schathetoma – Mandrake, Murder Head, GuzlaMozla>>Mick [Oumi Ken]>>Murder Head, Mishmash, GuzlaMozla – Old Castles Massacres>>Chathuranga [Chathuranga Hewa Bandula[>>Old Castles Massacre

History & Biography
This death metal band was founded in Niigata, Japan in 2004. Endless Human Hunting was the 2007 demo. Hisashi left after seven years in 2015. Abnormal Exaggeration was the group’s debut. Japan-based Gorevent would release the Fate album through Comatose Music on February 7th 2020. Orikasa and Gokucho both bass and sing. Japanese Slam Scram was the name for a 2022 split for Gorevent and 瘧鬼. Sri Lankan drummer Chathuranga left in 2023. The band attributed this to arthritis and nerve damage and added that foreign workers are not treated well in Japan.