Hate, Peace & Understanding - 2004 - Chainsaw Fisting
Brutalities Of Modern Domination - 2009 - Xtreem
Implexaeon – 2019 – Rising Nemesis

Gorezone image
Raped Cadaver, Orth, Dazed, Anencephalus>>Angela Gross>>Anencephalus, Frozen Ashes – Of Trees And Orchids, Deformed, Gallery Of Darkness, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Fleshrobot>>Karsten Schöning – Into Oblivion, Coagulation, Irate Architect>>Christoph Madarasz>>Irate Architect, Coagulation

Ebola Beach Party, Brooklyn Blues Fuckers, Obsun, For Victory, Gorilla Panik>>MARKUS KRÜGEL>>Ebola Beach Party, Brooklyn Blues Fuckers, Obsun, For Victory, Gorilla Panik – Thilo Neidhöfer – Infested>>Jochen Harzmann

Gallery Of Darkness, Act Of Fate, Ebola Beach Party>>Torsten Nieland>>Ebola Beach Party – Embedded, Dead Memories, Ingurgitating Oblivion, Slaughterday, Black Force, Fetocide>>Ingo Neugebauer>>Slaughterday, Black Force, Fetocide - Wretched Spawn, To Kill, Gorilla Panik, Bokor, By A Storm>>DANIEL MEINZER>>Gorilla Panik, Bokor, By A Storm

Sufferage>>Ole Fink>>Sufferage - Poostew, Irate Architect, Holy Moses, Into Oblivion>>Asgard Niels>>Into Oblivion, Despondency, Abhorrent Castigation, Avowedera – Sufferage, Obsun, Ophis>>OLE FINK>>Sufferage, Obsun, Ophis

History & Biography
Normally, bands are called Gorezone first and then reconsider to become Wolfshade. These Germans did the opposite. Wolfshade was formed in 1995.

The band was formed in 1999 and issued a demo called Erase The Scum in 2001. It was recorded at the Soundlodge Studio (Obscenity, Despondency, Death Reality, etc.) A live DVD called Live Video was recorded and issued in 2003. It was recorded live at Grind Over Wolfsburg. The band’s debut appeared in 2004. From that line-up only guitarist Markus and bassist Neiland made it to album number two, which was issued at the end of 2009. Sebastian Bösche was injured in an accident but, in lieu of laving, became a band roadie. The band’s new vocalist, for the second album, was Mr. Schöning who was in Gallery Of Darkness with bassist Nieland. The singer left in 2011. The third album arrived only in 2019 and featured only guitarist Markus from the old incarnation. Singer Marcus Deschle joined in 2019. Kai Schweers also joined on guitar in 2019.