Crematorium>>GORGASM - USA

Bleeding Profusely - 2001 - Extremities
Masticate To Dominate - 2003 - Unique Leader
Orgy Of Murder - 2011 - Brutal Bands
Destined To Violate – 2014 – New Standard Elite

Gorgasm image
S= Disinter, Ad infinitum>>TOM TANGALOS>>Ad infinitum - Morgue Supplier, Corphagy, Broken Hope>>DAMIAN 'TOM' LESKI>>Morgue Supplier, Broken Hope, Corphagy - Russ Powell>>Peshmerga

G= Disinter, Ad infinitum>>Tom Tangalos>>Ad infinitum - TOM LESKI - Sarcophagy>>Ryan Saylor>>Sarcophagy

B= Russ Powell>>Peshmerga – The Fallen>>Paul Garcia>>Nekropsy, Wintering, Kataplexy – Sarcophagy>>ANTHONY VOIGHT>>Sarcophagy

D= Disgorged, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation, Hate Plow, Incantation>>Dave Culross - Incestuous, Lividity>>Derek Hoffman>>Incestuous, Lividity, Fleshgrind, Worms Inside You - Catatonic Atrocity, Sarcophagy, Human Filleted>>KYLE CHRISTMAN>> Catatonic Atrocity, Sarcophagy, Human Filleted

History & Biography
Chicago-area Gorgasm, a death metal band, came together circa 1994 following the demise of Crematorium. The founding trio was at first searching for a singer, but failing that decided to share the vocal duties.

1996 brought a debut demo. Hoffman would leave the drum stools to become something of a nomad before returning to record with the group. He would also replace Fleshgrind drummer Collado in 2002. The band issued an EP called Stabwounds Intercourse in 1998 through Pulverizer Records. Bleeding Profusely would be recorded with Dave Culross who was only with the band in the studio.

Gorgasm played many shows and festivals like Milwaukee Metalfest and Ohio Deathfest over the years.

The band signed with Unique Leader in 2003 and added Garcia to the new line-up. The band also ventured into Canada.

Tom Leski was singing for Broken Hope in 2012. Pighead was touring Europe in support together with Gorgasm, Rectal Smegma (NL) and Nervo Chaos (BRA) in late 2016. Ryan Saylor left in 2017 and Sasha Chrosciewicz came in. The band was booked for QCDM BBQ 4, but the concert in Canada was cancelled as Sasha had mallet finger and could not play. The act was recording in 2023 as well.