Inner Supremacy - 2014 - ZeroBudget
Pathogenic Automation - 2020 - Blood Blast
Sentience Revoked - 2024 - Redefining Darkness

Gorgatron image
Her Seduction>>PAUL JOHNSON - Unmerciful, Rottenness>>KARL SCHMIDT>>Unmerciful, Rottenness

Denied By Christ, Her Seduction>>PAUL JOHNSON - Denied By Christ, Her Seduction, Wintergoat, WWJD, Egypt, Elsupremo>>Neal Stein>>WWJD, Egypt, Elsupremo - Orpheus, Carnographer, Ungoliant>>COOPER SCHUH>>Carnographer, Ungoliant

Cliff Gustafson - CAMERON DEWALD

Imperion, WWJD, Rottenness>>MATT JOHNSON>>Imperion, WWJD, Rottenness

History & Biography
Based in the regressive American state of North Dakota, the seeds of Gorgatron were stomped by Paul Johnson in 2006 and a Demo '08 with two tracks appeared. The band released a full-length demo called Torturetorium two years later and included the two songs. Guitarist Stein left, but returned in 2018 before leaving again after Agony Reborn of 2022. The candid ZeroBudget Records, which was a non-profit punk imprint, issued Inner Supremacy in late 2014. The cover artwork was ironic given the inspiration behind the band’s name. Bassist/inked pro Cliff Gustafson left in 2014. The band signed on with Extreme Management Group, which also managed Suffocation, etc., in 2017. The act was billed at Manitoba Metal Fest 2019. Not much happened, but the band returned with a demo called Pathogenic Automation in 2020 that Blood Blast Distribution was uploading onto streaming sites. Agony Reborn was a demo in 2022. Schuh joined on guitar now. The band toured Mexico and the USA.

A full-length arrived in June 2024. Gorgatron was in Europe, including an appearance at Obscene Extreme, in early summer. Voraath announced it would be supporting Gorgatron and Casket Robbery on the Mechanical Necrosis Tour of the USA in the summer.

The band’s monicker is borrowed from a minor villain in the American animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force.