Damage King - 2006 - Armageddon
Extermination Hammer – 2008 - Wacken
Firegod - Feeding The Beast – 2015 – Supreme Chaos

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History & Biography
Gorilla Monsoon was formed in 2001 in Dresden, Germany. The band’s first demo was called Deflowered World and featured four songs. The group issued another independent disc two years later before producing a split single with Weed In The Head. The band was invited to play at the Wacken festival in 2005 and recorded several tracks for an EP called Four To Conquer. The group was offered a recording contract as a result. The EP, and subsequent full-length, appeared courtesy of Armageddon Music. The band opened a German tour for Metal Church and Victory in the spring of 2006. KK joined in 2011.

The band played multiple festivals and concerts in 2022 including Black Sunset. A concert at the beginning of 2023 fell through and was quickly replaced. The band was booked for a show called Heavy X-mas for late 2023.

Gorilla Monsoon was the alias for an American wrestling character and announcer.


To start, that is a cute gorilla on the cover. He might look a little wasted, but never mind that. Secondly, the band’s name and album title go well together. Good job, guys.
Right, and on to the music. Gorilla Monsoon is four leather-clad Herren who like to swim in sludge. It is not as raw and heavy as Eyehategod, for example, but Damage King has as much distortion as White House news release. The guitar sound is low and reminiscent of Cathedral. The music is mostly slow or mid-paced, although the odd fast picking and speedy passage works too. Gorilla Monsoon’s style might not call for it, but the band should try them more often. The singer Jack Sabbath (no less!) is gruff and heavy. The dude tries to go for the System Of A Down school of nonsense vocals on the title track, which utterly fails of course, but those experiments are the exceptions. Stoner/sludge fans will pick up on this band no doubt, but what they should really do is shoot me an e-mail transcribing the weird samples on the later tracks from South Park and elsewhere. - Anna Tergel


Gorilla Monsoon