Heresy – 2015 – Satanath
Elohim – 2019 – Satanath

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Accabbadora, Hour Of Penance, Ancient Skin, Worstenemy>>SIMONE "ARCONDA" PIRAS>>Ancient Skin, Worstenemy

History & Biography
Mordor by way of Sardinia in Italy, Gôr Mörgûl was established in 2007. The band put together a 2010 demo called In The Sign Of Blackness. Many members left. Many members came. Another demo was 2014’s Ruins On The Icons Of God. Heresy was issued in the spring of 2015. Elohim came four years later.


The self-proclaimed blackened death metal quartet does not waste time getting into action. I Begin indeed jumps into action forgoing intros or buildups. There is something of a Behemoth feel to the opener, but it is a shorter song and doesn't change pace at all. The title track does start slower and of course is a somewhat longer song. The drumming, grunting and instruments go at it with a fast pace with short heavier breaks. A solo adds variety without changing the direction of the song. The Behemoth comparison is strengthened by Portal To The Underworld with drumming of ArcOnd A and vocals of Morherdir standing out to relay the said influence. The often unrelenting pace or intensity of the songs hint at Vader, another Polish band, but the band's own blackened death metal adjective is mostly accurate. Rising The War For Ashtoreth hints at language barriers. The song itself affords itself a slow almost spoken word break but is otherwise what can be expected from a speedy death or black metal band. Atum-Ra further reveals the band's interest in ancient gods, goddesses and biblical themes. Sentinel keeps up the pace and brief breathers aside the song and band pretty much fit the blistering adjective. Lamastu is another reference to ancient themes and begins with something Behemoth-ish and music that borrows mythological themes perhaps a la Melechesh. Extinction is the closing song and at six minutes is the album's longest. A mostly aggressive, fast and heavy song that highlights all the minutes before it is sandwiched between an acoustic intro and outro. The song much like the band imagery is an additional confirmation of the aforementioned style. – Anna Tergel


Gôr Mörgûl