Neurotripsicks – 2005 – Willowtip
Leading Vision – 2006 – Willowtip
Process Of A New Decline – 2009 – Willowtip
A Perfect Absolution – 2012 – Listenable
A Maze Of Recycled Creeds – 2015 – Listenable/Unique Leader
Aethra – 2018 - Overpowered


S= Eradykate, Mastercrow>>JULIEN "NUTZ" DEYRES>>Mastercrow
G= MATHIEU PASCAL – Trarko>>Arnaud Pontaco - Antropofago, Arcania>>NICOLAS ALBERNY
B= Voracious Gangrene, Gorgasm, The Great Old Ones>>BENOIT CLAUS>>The Great Old Ones
D= Sandrine [Sandrine Bourguignon] – Zubrowska, Line Of Sight, Fleshdoll>>Samuel Santiago>>First Fragment, Brought By Pain - Hell In Town, Juggernaut>>KAROL DIERS>>Hell In Town, Juggernaut


The Bordeaux-based band was formed in 1997 as Gorgasm. The name was changed in 2005 in order to avoid confusion with the US band of the same name. The band signed with Willowtip and issued its debut Neurotripsicks in 2005. Guillaume Martinot left the vocal position in 2010. In September of 2013, the band parted ways with drummer Samuel Santiago. The band assured us that "The reasons for this split up only concern Samuel and Gorod.” French band Gorod would release its new full-length in the autumn of 2015 in North America through Unique Leader Records. Karol Diers had joined in 2014. Gorod released a 2018 album, called Aethra through Overpowered Records in the autumn.