Skymorphosis - 2006 - Mascot
Graveyard Of Angels - 2009 - Mascot
Earth-Sick - 2012 - Bakerteam
The Fifth Fury - 2014 - Sliptrick
1991.Bloodstained – 2018 - Mighty
Reborn From Hatred - 2023 - Eclipse

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Stygian, Alice In Darkland, Nuclear Devastation>>Adry Bellant [Claude De Rosa]>>Septycal Gorge – John St. John – Orthodox, Joads>>PAOLO "ST. JOHN" JOHN>>Joads


Fredrick – Allhelluja, Dama>>Roberto Gelli>>Allhelluja, Dama - Eternal Tragedy, Faust, Illogicist>>Emi Dattolo>>Faust, Illogicist – Atomic Factory>>Fabiano Andreacchio>>Atomic Factory

Node>>Joe La Viola - Deleteria, Ophidian, Orthodox, Alice In Darkland, 6th Counted Murder>>GIANLUCA D'ANDRIA>>6th Counted Murder

History & Biography
Gory Blister was formed as early as 1991 and soon issued demos called Spoilt By Greed and Hanging Down The Sounds. The latter came out in 1993. The defunct Nosferatu label issued an EP called Cognitive Sinergy in 1997. Two years later came the independent CD Art Bleeds (re-released several years later through Sekhmet Records) until an official first full-length which was issued in early 2006. A contract with Noise Records had fallen by the way side in this time period. In the meanwhile, Simone of the band Undead replaced bassist Fredrick. The band also appeared on a Chinese tribute to Death with the song 1,000 Eyes. This song was also on the band’s 2006 CD. The band and vocalist Adry Bellant were no longer a couple as of January, 2007. The replacement singer was Clode, formerly of Salmorar and Hatefiles. The band released a new album, Graveyard Of Angels, on April 6th through Mascot Records.

Gory Blister released a new album, called Earth-Sick, on April 23rd, 2012 through Italy’s Bakerteam Records. The band had yet anotehr vocalist at this time. In 2014, Gory Blister signed a deal with Sliptrick Records for the release of its next album. Gory Blister’s The Fifth Fury album was now in the summer of 2014. Raff Sangiorgio had a 2016 solo record called Rebirth through Sliptrick Records. The band was working on a new album for 2017. Fabiano Andreacchio had joined the band on bass. The new member had a solo project, called Atomic Factory, which was on Sliptrick Records. Founding member Joe La Viola left in 2020. Gianluca D'Andria replaced him. A 2023 album was on Eclipse Records. It was called Reborn From Hatred. There was a video for the song Greedy Existence. Raff Sangiorgio had recorded the bass. Gory Blister uploaded a video for the song No Shadow from the 1991. Bloodstained album in 2024. It was filmed at the Firenze Metal event. The band also offered a video for the song Profound Sedation in 2024.


Gory Blister hails from Italy and has recorded an exciting death metal album. There must be a lyrical motif at play here given the album’s title and songs like Asteroid, Quasars and The Missing Planet, but its details are not clear. The band’s music though speaks for itself with its stellar qualities.
The album is fast, technical and heavy and is further advanced by a clean production. The singing of Adry is desperately tormented no matter which style or tone he chooses. The drumming is blasting, yet tight, the melodies thought-out and the leads right on the money. Setting aside the cover of Death, I Shall Hang Myself is the unusual track here with its slower and offbeat sound. The song has a great chorus nonetheless. The Soul-Slitters is also slightly strange, but comes with good backing vocals and jazz-like technicality. Black Canvas has one of the album’s better solos, while Starfields’ guitars venture into Testament territory. That brings us to another element of Skymorphosis, namely its thrash metal influences. Although largely death metal, there is enough on the disc to give it a veneer of thrashiness. Skymorphosis is one of the scarce techno death/thrash albums of recent years. - Anna Tergel


Gory Blister